Lindey’s Prime Steak House – Arden Hills, MN

One of our favorite local eateries is Lindey’s Prime Steak House.  We usually go there for special occasions and we went last night to celebrate hubby’s great review and bonus at work.  This restaurant is very unlike the Pickwick where we ate last weekend in Duluth.  At Lindey’s their menu is very small:

We’ve never understood what the difference is between the two kinds of sirloin but we always get the top of the line since the price difference is only $1.00.  And you can choose shrimp or hamburger which we’ve never had.  We always get the steak.

If you get there when they open you are seated immediately.  But get there about a half hour after they open, chances are good you’ll have to wait.  As we weren’t able to get there when they opened, we were prepared to wait and we were there early enough to get seats at the bar.  We usually have gin gimlets and they do it correctly at Lindey’s by putting two filberts in the drink.  We’ve discovered that filberts are usually only included in gin gimlets in northern Minnesota.  In the twin cities, it is pretty rare.  The filberts are a nice treat either while you’re having your drink or as hubby prefers, after you’re finished with your drink.

They were excellent and hit the spot.  While we waited I took a couple of photos.  One of the restaurant, and as you can see, it is full of happy diners.  Another is of what must be their original register which is no longer used.   It’s a relic of the past and I love that they leave it in the bar.  I’m including another photo of the full bar and one of the bartenders where you can see the more modern cash register to the right of the old one.

After about a 45 minute wait we were finally seated at one of the tables by the windows, the best seats in the place.  Of course we had to select wine.  The full wine list which is curiously bigger than their food menu:

And the page that I like, red only please:

Hubby had the Pinot Noir, Coppola Silver Label and I had the Claret, Coppola Black Label.  Mine was very tasty and I assume his was as well.

At Lindey’s you choose your meat or shrimp and you can choose to have sauteed mushrooms or not.  The rest of the meal is the same for everyone.  You start with a basket of bread, a green salad that includes one cherry tomato and is topped with their specially blended Thousand Island dressing:

We almost always get the mushrooms.  Here’s our spread before we dug in.  Sauteed mushrooms, steak and hash brown potatoes:

My plate, oh yum:

To cleanse the palate you are given a small cup of watermelon rind pickles:

The watermelon pickles look a bit strange don’t they?  I remember not wanting to eat mine when we first started coming here but I’ve grown to really like them.  Hubby’s grandmother used to make them so I’m thinking maybe they’re a local delicacy?  Has anyone outside of Minnesota ever heard of or eaten these?  I do recommend them but in small doses and Lindey’s does that right too.

If you’re in the twin cities and have a hankering for a great steak dinner, check out Lindey’s.  I highly recommend them!

Lindey’s, the place for steak

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6 responses to “Lindey’s Prime Steak House – Arden Hills, MN

  1. This sounds like my dad’s kind of restaurant!

    Also, I had noooo idea what filberts were. I’ve never heard hazelnuts called that!

  2. Oh man, of course I had to read this juuust as I was thinking about what I wanted for lunch…;)

    It looks great! I’m not sure about the watermelon rind pickles though. I’ve never even heard of those. What do they taste like?

    • It is wonderful!! and I hear their steak sandwich is pretty darn good but I’ve never been there for lunch. I wonder if I could get a to go package? The watermelon rind pickles are very tart, much like a regular pickle. You might think they’d be hard to bite into considering that the rind is not the soft part of the watermelon. but I guess that after the pickling process the rind becomes much softer and almost melts in your mouth. I hope you had a nice lunch :)

  3. Oh yeah! Indeed this is THE place for steaks! We go every time we are down from Duluth.

    • yes! that’s funny. I also just wrote a post about our recent trip to Duluth where we dined at Pickwick. I’m guessing you’ve been there yes? thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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