Weekly Photo Challenge – Sea

I grew up by the sea in southern California and I never thought I would miss it when I moved back to the midwest after I got married.  But I find that I do miss the sea/ocean.  It has a calming effect that I enjoy.  So it comes as no surprise that I want to retire to a place close to the sea.  I have a few photos of the ocean I grew up by and the sea I want to retire to.

Venice Beach, CA

Venice Beach, CA


The Mediterranean Sea at Nerja, Spain:

The Mediterranean Sea and the port at Málaga, Spain:

To view more entries for this week’s challenge, click here.  Enjoy!!


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19 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – Sea

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  6. Toby, you sure did pick a place to live equidistant from both oceans. I love the pictures. My daughter is looking at one college near the water, so we have a long weekend college visit in our near future. I can’t wait. Don’t forget the SP30 cream. Take care, BTG

    • yea, well….I came from the midwest originally. We left Los Angeles for a better quality of life and to buy a house that wasn’t an hour from our jobs because that’s what we could afford in L.A. at the time. So, we accomplished those two things and now look forward to retirement by the sea….we hope!! You sure get around looking at colleges huh? Sounds like fun, I hope you enjoy it. yes, sun screen is always in order even here in the midwest ;)

  7. Once you’ve lived near the sea, I don’t think it ever leaves you. I’d be lost without it!!

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  9. The ocean is such a tranquil place. Great photos for this challenge.

  10. I didn’t grow up by the sea, but I grew up spending summers at my great aunt’s house on the shoreline of Lake Michigan/Silver Beach. The tradition continues, taking my family there every summer now since my first was born. My great aunt is now gone, but the love for the water lives on in all of us! I love your pics of Venice Beach and of Spain. I can see why you want to retire there, it’s breathtakingly beautiful!!

    • it is and it’s so much more beautiful than SoCal beaches! I love your tradition of going to Lake Michigan. I’m sure it’s so relaxing there. thanks for stopping by!

  11. Lovely images for the challenge, Tobyo.

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  13. You hope to retire to the Med, Tobyo? Is it probable (or anytime soon?) I’m still a-wishing and a-planning, but as you know, we’ve got the first step taken. :)

    • Yep, to Malaga! and hopefully in 2020. so I hope we can make a trip to Portugal and see the lovely Algarve you are so fond of. would be lovely to meet you!

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