vacation in northern minnesota

We are amongst the many people that are lucky enough to have a family cabin in the woods in northern Minnesota.  We just had a nice vacation there and here is a brief synopsis of our time at 11th Crow Wing Lake.

We arrived around noon on a sunny summer day.  The lake was beautiful and as peaceful as ever.  Here’s our view from the deck:

This ginormous dragonfly was on the door.  Isn’t it beautiful?

And Lady of the Cakes will be so happy to see food in this post ;) We decided to cook our dinner in the camp fire the first night.  Here’s one of the fire builders at work:

Pretty soon we have a fire hot enough to cook corn.  First, we soaked it in water for about an hour.  Then wrapped it in foil and put them in the fire.  They took about 10-15 minutes.  We got our corn unwrapped, peeled, buttered and salted and then roasted our hot dogs.

And just look at how talented I am.  I can roast a weenie and take a picture at the same time!!

Ready, set, eat!!

Ready for more food?  I clipped a recipe in this week’s food section in the newspaper for a different kind of rhubarb crisp.  This was made with ginger snaps and “candied” ginger.  All the store in Walker had was crystallized ginger.  It was just a tad too gingery for me so I’m not going to make it again.  But it sure looks yummy doesn’t it? (if I do say so meself):

We always have beautiful sunsets over the lake.  Here’s a couple from our first night’s sunset:

Here’s one of my favorite photos this trip, the paddlers returning in the canoe:

Two more sunset photos from our last night there:

We are so fortunate to be able to enjoy this lovely spot.


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16 responses to “vacation in northern minnesota

    • oh yes and you would know! I wish I had more time to peruse all the blogs I follow. I was just taking a peek at yours and saw some fabulous cone flower photos as well as the zoo photos. wow!

  1. Looks like a lovely first night at your cabin! I love lakeside cabins!

  2. You pictures are so wonderful; I couldn’t help but keep a running commentary… That dragonfly would make a meal for some in some countries… It is beautiful – so glad you “shoot” with a camera! It looks like that firebuilder might cook his own corns instead of the one on the cob!! After walking barefoot too long he may also want to soak his… He could leave off the foil and roasting his own hot dog… Your trip looks very soothing and calming. Just what’s needed before a return to “civilization”… shouldn’t we start swapping how we use those terms?

  3. Beautiful sunsets, Tobyo :)

  4. What time is supper tomorrow? And, is that dragonfly real? It looks like a kite.

  5. It looks so beautiful and peaceful there. The food looked yummy too! You are lucky to have a spot like that to go to. Glad you enjoyed it all by yourself this time!! Sounds Heavenly :)

    • It’s a nice place to gather the family together….but it’s also nice to experience the serenity. and the weather was perfect too. win win!!

  6. Wow, you are very lucky like you said! What a beautiful setting you’ve got there. It looks so relaxing :)

  7. Amy

    Gorgeous sunsets! Wow, the dragonfly!

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