Beauty seen yesterday

Just a quick post to share some beauty I saw and managed to capture in photos yesterday.  First, this gorgeous sunrise whilst waiting for the bus:

Next a couple of photos of what I’m guessing are hibiscus.  I didn’t think they wintered here but my friend in Illinois tells me she has seen hibiscus there so guessing she is correct.  There was another, bright red one in this same garden in front of the St. Paul Hotel.  Alas, it was too windy to get that one and it was time to head back to the office:


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15 responses to “Beauty seen yesterday

  1. Hibiscus come in so many lovely shades. I saw a “standard” one in a garden centre here recently so maybe there’s a new hardier variety. :)

    • yes, perhaps! I was thinking these were hollyhocks but those blossoms are a bit too big to be hollyhocks. I’m going to try again to get that red one. It was just stunning!

  2. I’m totally awed.
    …by your getting up early enough to catch the sunrise!

  3. Sherry Hoffman

    It can be done!!!


  4. Amy

    Love these two beautiful hibiscus photos!

  5. “Morning has broken, like the first morning….”

  6. Really beautiful. I think the flowers do look more like hollyhocks, looking at the leaves. Hibiscus leaves are much thicker and shinier. Whatever they are, they’re so pretty. :)

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