Sunday Post – Christmas tree

Wow, Jake is back just in time for Christmas!  We just got our tree and decorated it last night and I took some photos so how fortuitous that Jake’s Sunday Post is about the Christmas tree.  Do check out other entries, there are a lot of fun ones!

And then a little gallery of a few of my favorite ornaments:

It’s nice to see Jake back!


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22 responses to “Sunday Post – Christmas tree

  1. Very pretty tree! I love the little Santa on the swing!

  2. jakesprinter

    Beautiful Christmas Tree my friend …Great preparation for Christmas you have there my friend love it :)

  3. Cats and Christmas tree ornaments… there’ll be a lot more *fun* posts to come, I bet my bottom dollar on it ;-)

  4. Thanks Toby. We had our first tree in a long while fall down. We think the cat may have aided and abetted, but it was listing a little. Scared the you-know-what out of the cat.

    • only our first year together did our cats at the time tip the tree. but they tipped it towards the wall so no harm! I bet that scared the you know what out of your cat!

  5. Amy

    Beautiful Christmas tree and decorations!

  6. Sun

    a full tree and so beautiful in your home…the fireplace also adds a warm touch. so glad Jake chose this as a theme this week. ☺

  7. You have certainly created a beautifully festive corner in your home.

  8. What a lovely, full tree…beautifully decorated.

  9. It looks wonderful, Tobyo! Have a fabulous Christmas and my very best for 2014. :)

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