Flame – a favorite restaurant

While I wait for my family to awaken so that we can travel back home I thought I’d put this post together of one of our favorite local places to eat.  We’re in Bemidji where we spent the weekend in order to celebrate Christmas with family and we’ll head home later this morning.

We had lunch at Flame the other day and I was enchanted with their Christmas decorations so took some photos and then realized that I’ve never written a review of this eatery where we probably go a few times a month.  It’s five minutes from home and there’s usually a spot at the bar for us.  They’ve got the most friendly staff, comfortable chairs at the bar (comfy booths too but we prefer the bar if it’s available), great food and service.  There is plenty to choose from at Flame and there is something to please everyone.

We’ve also had their fabulous buffet several times for Easter and Mother’s day,  I highly recommend it as well. Their garlic mashed potatoes are to die for!! But all the food they offer in their buffet is also delicious.

Here is the view from my bar chair where you can see their lunch salad bar/rotisserie meats on the right(also a great selection for lunch!):

And I was struggling to get the best close-up shot of these fabulous Christmas decorations so I hope you all can see how fun these huge ornaments were:

And they turned on the flames just so that I could snap this photo, he he:

You can see the rotisserie where one can see things cooking.  The flames aren’t always on by the way.  I was playing with filters on my camera quite by accident actually but here’s a photo of hubby’s bloody Mary with one of those filters on:

Everything I’ve ever eaten here has been great but I chose the balsamic rotisserie chicken wrap which is described thusly on their menu: “Juicy rotisserie chicken, fresh tomatoes, fresh basil, spring greens, shredded Monterey jack and bleu cheese crumbles tossed in balsamic dressing then wrapped in a warm honey wheat tortilla”.  You have a choice of waffle fries, mashed potatoes, house-made  potato chips or coleslaw. I chose the coleslaw. I am rather particular about coleslaw but I love theirs!

Hubby had their French dip which is a favorite of his and it’s also what he had on our first date.  Doesn’t it look delicious? He chose the homemade chips and I always steal a few as they are also quite delicious.

I highly recommend this great establishment and one day I hope to win one of their facebook contests.  I keep writing “I’m your best customer!” hoping to get their attention, he he.  If you’re doing some shopping at the Rosedale mall and need a bite to eat, do check out Flame.  I can just about guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

Flame Rotisserie Bar & Grill
Address: 863 Rosedale Shopping Center, Roseville, MN 55113
Phone:(651) 315-5005

Flame Rotisserie Grill & Bar on Urbanspoon


UPDATE 6/17/14: I heard that Flame has now closed.  Appears to be true as their website no longer exists :(



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17 responses to “Flame – a favorite restaurant

  1. Yum, you’ve got my mouth watering, Toby. This looks like just my kind of place. I too love eating at the bar; it’s so convivial. :-)

  2. Amy

    Delicious restaurant review! Beautiful setting, I like the Christmas deco photo! Have a enjoyable and safe trip, Tobyo.

  3. Yum, indeed. Have a great holiday and safe travels. BTG

  4. Jueseppi B.

    Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat™.

  5. I so want that chicken wrap right now!!! Just as well we’re off our to dinner in an hour. The food in Portugal is fab :)

  6. Laurel Oberg

    Toby, I think this restaurant would be another great reason to head to Roseville for a visit!!! It was great to see you, John and Maggie in Bemidji. I’m sure your Christmas at home was ‘merry’. Happy New Year!

    • oh yes, do come for a visit! I’m sure you would love Flame! great to see you too and I hope you enjoyed Christmas with your family. happy new year to you too!

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