Christmas cat

I had so much fun photographing Fritz while we opened presents. I think Fritz enjoyed it more than we did ;)

First he got into a box smaller than him:

Then he got out of the box:

Then he decided to play with the box:

and here he is just looking adorable:

I hope you all had a very merry Christmas!!


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11 responses to “Christmas cat

  1. I love the pics of Fritz, he is too cute :) I hope you and your family had a very merry Christmas too!

  2. So fun! Great photos. Happy New Year!

  3. Just like a toddler. Happy New Year. BTG

    • yep, Fritz is our feline toddler indeed. wait, shouldn’t he be more like a teenager at 4 years old in cat years? ah well, no matter. we love how silly and playful he is. happy new year to you too!!

  4. Professions for PEACE

    Oh my goodness what an adorable cat! These pics made me laugh… thanks so much for sharing them. Our cats are older now, but I sure loved when they really ‘got into’ Christmas like yours here. So much fun! Cheers, and Happy New Year. :) Gina

    • he he, yes he is quite adorable. thanks for noticing :) he’s lucky he’s so cute because he can be a holy terror. and his other name is Mr. Destructive….yes, he’s lucky he is so cute indeed. glad you enjoyed the photos of him. thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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