Synchro Panache – synchronized skating in Minneapolis

The busy synchro season is over so I thought it was the perfect time to share some photos of my daughter’s synchronized skating team.  This is her fourth year as a team member and her first year with the Figure Skating Club of Minneapolis.  They were in five competitions this year and at the last three they placed first!!  There are USFS (United States Figure Skating) and ISI (Ice Skating Institute) competitions and they competed in both this year.

Their first competition was in St. Cloud, the Granite City Classic, in November 2013.  They came in second place, behind Bismarck.  Because nobody beats Bismarck!

Next was the Maplewood Fall Classic held in the Mariucci arena at the University of Minnesota in December 2013.  There were many teams that competed in the Pre Juvenile division.  That meant that Miss M’s team skated against 6 other teams.  The top 3 from that group competed with the top 3 from the second group later that day.  Synchro Panache finished in the top 3 so they skated once again and finished the competition in 4th place.  Not bad considering there were 12 teams initially!  Here is the only photo I have from that competition:

The team went to Duluth on a bus the first weekend in February 2014 and they won that competition!  This was the Northland competition.  We elected not to travel to Duluth this year for many reasons.  But the girls had fun and we were so proud of their first place finish!  Here’s Miss M displaying her medal after she got home:

The very next weekend was the Frosty Blades competition in Blaine.  So far, they competed in only USFS events.  Frosty Blades is an ISI event and they competed in both a free skate and a compulsory event.  They learned a new routine in a month’s time in order to present it at Frosty Blades.  They won both of those events!  They were on a roll now!  Here’s a photo from that competition.  I had to coax them from their phones to look up and smile:

Blades of March, an ISI competition, was their last hoorah and they won both those events too!  It’s held at the Parade Ice Garden in Minneapolis.  This time I took a few more photos.  Synchro Panache has three teams, beginner, pre juvenile and intermediate.  In this group I captured the other two teams.

I forgot to mention that at the last two competitions, all three teams won ALL of their events.  A clean sweep for Synchro Panache!  It was such a fun season and fun to be part of the winning atmosphere.  Miss M has been invited to join the intermediate team next year and she’s pretty excited about that.  More fun for next year!


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18 responses to “Synchro Panache – synchronized skating in Minneapolis

  1. Your baby is very pretty ;-)

  2. What fun!!! Team sports are great character builders and lessons in how to work together. In addition to the obvious fun and achievement, it will serve her well. Plus, moms can always use a good reason to cheer on her child. Nice job. By the way, the only thing funnier than watching me ski, is watching me skate. BTG

    • LOL! totally agree with all you said. hubby actually taught her to skate when she was 4 or 5? I should find one of those photos and add it here. I am not the sports person either and had a bad fall on roller skates when I was 26 so you won’t see me in ice skates any time soon. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, always appreciated.

  3. Awesome. Awesome. Hard work pays off. Beautiful daughter. Love their costumes. :-D


    She’s beautiful! I have never seen this before! Wow!

  5. Awesome! Looks like they found their winning streak. Congrats to them. I can never get my feet on any skating activities, including skateboards, ski or rollerblades. That only skating I’m good at is skating off work. :lol:

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