Weekly Photo Challenge – Inside

I had always felt odd about recycling photos in challenges. I don’t know why.  And recently I got a reply to a comment I made on another blogger friend’s entry for a different challenge that encouraged me to continue to recycle my photos.  It was something like “I don’t mind looking at your photos again”.  Well, gosh, how nice!!  And then I realized that there might be new people looking at a particular post who might not have seen the recycled photo before.  So, here we got with a few recycled photos for this week’s challenge.

From my recent visit to W. A. Frost & Company, a very nice restaurant in St. Paul, a view out the window from inside the bar prior to our meal in the adjoining restaurant:

the view out the window

the view out the window

From inside the Weisman Art Museum at the University of Minnesota, a view of downtown Minneapolis:

A couple of my favorite photos, from inside the skyway on a rainy day in downtown St. Paul. One focuses on the distance, the other on the raindrops on the window:

Fritz in a box

Fritz in a box

Inside the sky ride at the fair:

To finish, an oldie but goodie from my trip to Spain in 2010, from inside La Giralda overlooking Sevilla:

To view other entries in this challenge or to participate, click here and enjoy!!


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25 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – Inside

  1. You should recycle Fritz photos every single day.

  2. I’m no cat person, but Fritz in a box is adorable, Tobyo :)
    I repeat photos very sparingly, but sometimes they really suit the occasion, and everybody can’t have seen all of your shots, can they? I have some I barely remember myself and they’re a nice aid to memory.

  3. Love those rainy day pics, Toby, but ‘Fritz in a box’ has to be my favourite. :)

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  8. Thanks Toby. We are about to have a rainy Sunday here, but you have had the short end of the straw this winter in Minnesota. Have a great one. I love the street pix from the window. BTG

    • I love those photos too and use them a bunch. well, we’ve got sunshine at least today! it’s about 19 degrees but hopefully the coldest day of the week. should warm up again tomorrow. Have a great Sunday and stay dry!

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  10. Fritz looks delightful in his box.
    You take fantastic photos. ;-)

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  12. Love all of your photos, previously used or not!! Fritz in a box is my favorite. It looks like it’s unanimous!!!

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  14. The cat is priceless, but these are all nice!

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