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Weekly photo challenge – Beloved

I couldn’t help but think of my mother when I saw this week’s theme.  She just died in December and she was so beloved by so many.  In honor of Goldie Leiderman Nadler Katz, April 30, 1923 – December 15, 2017.

Mom n me at Mt. Vernon, 1988


At 15 with her father, 1938

Izzy and Goldie, 1940s


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Weekly photo challenge – unusual

I think I got this one in under the wire.  Isn’t there a new challenge every Wednesday?  In any case, here are my picks for this week’s theme:

wild salvia, unusually colored blue

the most unusual lily at the Arboretum

looks like a cat’s tail, very unusual plant

Dali, he’s an unusual artist

unusual art at the Walker

Chihuly at Minneapolis Institute of Art, unusual glass sculpture

ghourds of unusual size at the fair

tin foil sculptures of women praying, unusual art at the Pompidou in Málaga

what could this be?? very unusual looking plant.

unusual art in Barcelona


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Weekly Photo Challenge – Solitude

In response to this week’s photo challenge, I present photos that evoke solitude.  Click on the link to view other entries and enjoy!!

And I’ll finish with one of my favorites from our trip to Spain in 2010 when my little girl was still a little girl…….seemingly all alone on that beach…..


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Weekly Photo Challenge – Look Up

I haven’t entered the challenge for a while. Summertime is just not conducive for blogging, especially here in the frozen tundra.  But I’m up early and I’m home this weekend and I have several photos to enter for this one! Click on the link to view other entries or to enter yourself and enjoy!!


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Weekly Photo Challenge – Landscape

Here’s my entry for this week’s challenge.  Please click on the link to see other entries for the challenge.

This was taken in the last month on the high speed train between Córdoba and Málaga Spain.  There’s a castle on that hill and a small white town behind the hill.  I love the sky and clouds.


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Orchid show! and WPC – Vibrant

I don’t always see the annual St. Paul Winter Carnival Orchid Show every year.  But I do try to visit the Marjorie McNeely Conservatory once each winter to get a breath of the tropics and to escape winter even if just for an hour.  It is truly heaven on earth inside the conservatory!  If you’re interested, here are a couple of posts from previous years’ visits:  2015 and 2014. Today’s visit was a bit unusual in that it’s typically bitterly cold outside and cloudy. While I am thoroughly enjoying the sunshine today, it did make it harder to get good photos but I did get a few.

When I saw the theme for this week’s photo challenge I knew exactly what I wanted to enter for it.  Please enjoy my photographic tour of this year’s Orchid Show! Click on each gallery to see larger images.


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Weekly Photo Challenge – Gathering

I’m going with my first thought when I saw this week’s theme. In 2010 my mother won the lottery. Yes, it does happen! She decided to spend some of that money to have her family spend Thanksgiving with her in Florida.  Oh, the memories! It was a marvelous time so I’d like to share a gallery of the gathering of my family that year. Click on the link to view other entries or to enter yourself and enjoy!!


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