walks with my sister

Whenever we visit my mother in Florida, my sister and I try to take a walk every day.  I have a small collection of photos that I’ve taken along the way that I’d like to share.  Here are some from our most recent visit:

The water was so still that morning!!  Here are some other photos from past visits:

Anhinga spreads its wings

Sunrise in Florida

Sunrise in Florida


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19 responses to “walks with my sister

  1. Toby, I love the bird with wings expanded on the rock in the water. Is it taking flight or stretching? Nice sunrise, too. BTG

  2. Que delicia de caminata! Gracias por compartir tan hermosas fotos. :D

  3. HI Toby,
    When my sis is visiting, we try to walk over to the duck pond, or for a view of the ocean. It’s wonderful that you and your sister take the time and each other’s company!

  4. Wow. These are all so gorgeous and all that clean, clear water. :-) :-)

  5. Amy

    Beautiful place to take a walk with your sister. The bird photo is remarkable!

  6. The heron shot is wonderful :) I know somebody who would appreciate you taking a walk with her one of these days.

  7. Insanely awesome reflection shots! I wouldn’t mind going back to Florida at all.

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