Weekly photo challenge – spring redux

I finally got it all together to post some recent pics of spring right now here in the frozen tundra. As you can see from the photos, we are no longer under snow and ice.  Things are coming up, hooray!!

The “always first to bloom” snowdrop:

And a couple of “purplies” (I’m told they’re scillia but I still call them purplies) one with and one without darling Fritz.

This is my second entry in this week’s challenge.  Click the hyperlink to see more entries or to enter yourself.  Enjoy!!


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15 responses to “Weekly photo challenge – spring redux

  1. snowdrops & rhubarb & scillia – hurray! So nice nice to see when the snow melts.

  2. Rhubarb crumble… that’s all I can think of now… damn you, woman!

  3. Finally, spring. Yay. Wonderful photos.
    I finally gave out of a fog this morning and noticed daffodils in the garden when I went out to get the paper. They must have been there yesterday, or maybe even the day before, but I didn’t see. :-)

    • thanks. yes, it’s finally spring…now that that it’s half over! better late than never I say ;) did you write more about your trip? I need to go visit and see.

      • I will post on Fridays about my trip. I’m still a little foggy from the cold and sinus. Can’t decide if I need to see my doc.

      • I popped over to your blog and didn’t see any new posts. sorry you’re still not back to normal. if you’re not getting better you probably need to see the doc. I had one sinus infection years ago and it was so bad that I needed antibiotics. Feel better soon!

      • I’ve told myself the same thing. If tomorrow doesn’t start off well, I plan to make an appointment.

        Thanks for being interested and checking back. >3 3 I believe I’m back on blog schedule from this week. Flashes on Tuesdays and China on Fridays.

      • well, you know me….love travel stories and photos!!

        that sounds like a good plan. hope you’re better soon.

      • :-D So far, so good.
        So many pictures I know I took but haven’t materialized. I should have checked after each shot. Sigh.

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