Summer gardening

Thought I’d share what’s going on in the garden right now.  First a couple of what I think is milkweed after they’re done blooming that I found on the walking path near the cabin.

The bee balm are about at their peak right now.

Check out my humongoloid rhubarb plant (time to harvest again!!) from the inside and from the outside.

Our veggie garden is coming along!  We’ve got tomatoes, cukes, beans, basil and a pepper plant(basil and pepper plants not visible).


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13 responses to “Summer gardening

  1. I’m so jealous. Our household has decided to erase the garden. Thoughtless, wicked, and lazy rabbits have been eating up every green nibble with their now highly-probagated family. We decided we could not support them and US. :-D

  2. Amy

    What a beautiful flower garden you have! I love your vegetable garden :)

  3. All looking good, Toby. Now you’ve made me want some rhubarb tart. :)

  4. That’s a glorious rich pink, Tobyo :)

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