summer gardening continued

I thought I had only taken a few photos in the last week but I just downloaded and there were quite a bit!  I thought I’d share some of my favorites.   First, some rudbeckia:

The balloon flower is at its peak:

A few more from the veggie/fruit gardens:

Random blooms:

Gratuitous photo of Fritz.  He helps me weed:

he helps me weed






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26 responses to “summer gardening continued

  1. Fritz wins, petals down ;-)

  2. Gorgeous pics, Toby. Fritz looks very relaxed there. :)

  3. Excellent pictures, Toby. Thanks for the tour. As much as I love the flowers, Fritz wins the prize. He must have worked hard because I think he’s snoozing. :-D

  4. Loved seeing your fruit and flowers, Toby. The veg look delicious :)

  5. Amy

    How envious! Beautiful photos of your garden, Tobyo :)

  6. Toby, you always find the most vivid colors. Like the cat at the end. BTG

  7. Very pretty! Such a nice selection of flowers. I just put in some snapdragons, which I love. Still harvesting rhubarb and sungold cherry tomatoes, cukes, and am watching my few precious stalks of corn!

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