summer blooms

I love gardening!  And I love photographing flowers too.  Here are some of my latest photos from my own garden and a few from other gardens.

First, my neighbor’s delphiniums.  One without his chickens and one with:

These are a friend’s bee balm which are not the more common red ones we see everywhere, including my own backyard. These are almost purple and I just love them. I was trying to capture a bee on the close-up and actually stood there for a bit waiting for it to move.  Finally I got impatient and I had to move.

From Gold Medal Park near work on one of my strolls that I take as a break, beautiful red day lilies:

Pink coneflowers:

One great thing about July in Minnesota is that ALL of the lilies are in bloom.  Here’s another version:

We decided to grow squash this year and here is one of those blooms:

And last but certainly not least is what might be my favorite summer bloom, queen of the prairie:


Do you have a favorite summer flower?


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15 responses to “summer blooms

  1. Quite lovely. I picked a favorite and then found a nicer one. Well done.

  2. Jueseppi B.

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  3. Wonderful photography, Toby. Flowers are so colorful and regal; some are delicate. The common day lily I do not like anymore but the different ones you show here are so much nicer.

    I love roses and pretty much all flowers because they are magical in that they cheer me up and make me smile. Always.

    • it’s hard to be anything but happy when amongst lovely blooms, I agree! I wasn’t too fond of the common day lily either until I moved into this house. the woman before me planted many varieties of day lilies so I learned there are sooooooo many different lilies. and all of them are beautiful.

      thanks for stopping by. happy Sunday!

      • Happy Sunday. I do a lot more visiting on Sundays. *grin*

        The common Day Lily mixed with others WOULD look far nicer than alone. We have the common ones and I don’t even SEE them anymore. Sigh.

  4. Beautiful blooms! Thanks for sharing your beautiful garden flowers.

  5. Amy

    Beautiful blooms, Tobyo! The orange lilies are different and beautiful.

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