morning glories

One thing I absolutely love about summer in Minnesota is the abundance of morning glories.  My neighbor planted seeds several years ago and they’ve continued to reseed and make lovely blossoms along our shared fence.  Here are a few of some recent snaps of them that I hope you’ll enjoy.


The center of some of those flowers look electric don’t they? Interesting lighting that day eh?


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11 responses to “morning glories

  1. I love morning glories and even planted some this year but they are only about a foot tall. :-( Thanks for sharing yours.

  2. They are so beautiful and my favorite color! Love the lighting in the centers of the flowers, as you mentioned! They look like the are shining through with all their glory!

  3. Aptly named. Thanks for the glorious tribute.

  4. I love morning glories. The most common ones here are the blue ones. they’re such a stimulating color.
    Love your pictures. You’re right. The centres do look electric. Imagine THAT. :-D

  5. Unas fotos preciosas!!! Adoro las campanillas.
    Un abrazo…

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