Minnesota State Fair 2014

Also dubbed the great Minnesota get together, it’s held every year the 12 days prior to and including Labor Day here in the great white north.  Our tradition has been to go opening day and then once or twice more.  This year was a bit different as I was not able to join hubby and kidlet for the usual visit first thing in the morning due to my new job.  Instead hubby and kidlet went without me and they got their hands stamped so that they could return with me after I was off of work later in the day.  Oh and kidlet got her braces off in between too.  Her teeth look great!!  It was definitely worth it!

I didn’t take as many photos this year due to not returning for a second trip.  Hubby and I had planned to go together the last weekend but I had to bow out because I stubbed my toe so badly that my foot got swollen and I could barely walk.  I was bumming because I really wanted to see the dahlia display in the Agriculture building.  However, I do have some great photos that hubby took when he went without me.  I hope you all enjoy the photo tour of this year’s fair.  Next year I will see the dahlias in person!

Up first, the crop art photos that I took:

The rest of the photos are the ones that hubby took.  Here are some from his first trip on opening day:

A bit of explanation for those that might not be aware….there are all kinds of foods on a stick at our fair. Every year there is a list of the new foods on a stick to try. So, the booth with the original eraser on a stick is a play on that.

In closing, please enjoy hubby’s photos of the dahlias I could not see in person.  He did a great job!



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17 responses to “Minnesota State Fair 2014

  1. I would have loved to see the dahlia’s as well. The sculptures are wonderful as well. <3 How's your toe now?

  2. That is one perplexed looking steer.

  3. vastlycurious.com

    Nice dahlia’s , do you have any in your garden?

    • I did at my last house. They are a bit of work in that they must be dug up and stored inside during the winter. Thanks for stopping by!

      • vastlycurious.com

        I know one winter I didn’t dig them up and that was it …. Beautiful post though ! 🌷

      • yea, I prefer plants that mostly take care of themselves :) and I know at least once a year I can visit and admire some beautiful flowers at the fair.


  4. Amy

    Your hubby took great dahlia photos!

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