Weekly Photo Challenge – intricate

Nothing says intricate to me like the tile work and architecture found in Spain.  Come and have a look see.  Click on any image in the gallery to see larger photos.

Plaza de España, Sevilla, España.  The tile work in this plaza is so beautiful and intricate. There is a scene for each region in Spain and I captured a few of them.


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24 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – intricate

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  2. Toby, these are marvelous. I love your pictures of your trip to Spain. Thanks, BTG

  3. I can’t imagine the time and patience this intricate work took and no ‘decals’ either. Every repetition is exactly as the last one. Marvelous, isn’t it? Great choices, Toby. <3

  4. So many fabulous tiles, Tobyo! :)
    Are you well?

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