Weekly photo challenge – unusual

I think I got this one in under the wire.  Isn’t there a new challenge every Wednesday?  In any case, here are my picks for this week’s theme:

wild salvia, unusually colored blue

the most unusual lily at the Arboretum

looks like a cat’s tail, very unusual plant

Dali, he’s an unusual artist

unusual art at the Walker

Chihuly at Minneapolis Institute of Art, unusual glass sculpture

ghourds of unusual size at the fair

tin foil sculptures of women praying, unusual art at the Pompidou in Málaga

what could this be?? very unusual looking plant.

unusual art in Barcelona


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9 responses to “Weekly photo challenge – unusual

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  2. ~ very beautiful pics! the colors r just stunning!!! :D ure right, salvador dali is unusual! i lurve his works, too! so what picture do you like best in your roster of unusual pics above? more power! – bliss, the lurker’s list :)

    • thanks so much! I too love Dali. As for a favorite amongst these, very hard decision! but the purple/blue of the salvia blows me away. so maybe that’s my favorite :)

      • ~ yeah, i love that pic, too! may i know where’s your place? does that plant only grows in your region? just wondering coz i haven’t seen a plant like that. ty :)

      • I’m in the upper midwest of the U.S. I’m not sure if salvia only grows in this area. It seems I have seen other types of salvia in other areas. but I’ve only seen this type here.

  3. Great gallery of unusuals. That lily is very special.

  4. I thought the “cat’s tail” was one or other hairy caterpillar – certainly unusual

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