Weekly photo challenge – Beloved

I couldn’t help but think of my mother when I saw this week’s theme.  She just died in December and she was so beloved by so many.  In honor of Goldie Leiderman Nadler Katz, April 30, 1923 – December 15, 2017.

Mom n me at Mt. Vernon, 1988


At 15 with her father, 1938

Izzy and Goldie, 1940s


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13 responses to “Weekly photo challenge – Beloved

  1. Most definitely meets the theme and all the photos show that loud and clear. Very nice, though sad the reason for choosing them.

  2. Toby, I am sorry for your loss. I truly love the picture of her with her father, all clad in overalls. I presume Izzy is your father. They make a nice couple. 93 years is quite the full life. I am glad you had her for so long in your life. Keith

    • Thanks Keith. She definitely had a full life and I’m glad I had her for so long even if it was hard to see her deteriorate the last several years because of dementia. You presume correctly. Izzy was my father. I had never seen the photo with her father until we were cleaning out her apartment nearly 3 years ago. It’s become one of my favorites as well. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I appreciate it greatly.

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    • he he, there’s definitely a resemblance! but I’m already Goldie Junior then Miss M is Goldie the 3rd :-) but then my mother looked like her mother too…..and so on and so on.

  4. I’m so sorry for the loss of your mother, Toby. I would love to know more about her. Maybe I will find more about her when I read your more recent post. Hugs to you and your family. xx

    • Thanks so much Cathy. She was 94 and had dementia so I have been losing her a little at a time over the past several years. I’m planning to write more about her here on my blog but now it will be after her memorial this coming Saturday. I haven’t even put my post about my cat Eddie together yet. that one is coming as well. After I’m back! Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate it. And thanks for the follow :)

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