My 2019 in photos

I’ve done this every year except last year for some reason. Oh, right, I lost my desire to blog for a while so 2018 got missed.  2019 included a trip to the Marjorie McNeely Conservatory to see the orchids, a visit to the Weisman Art Museum, the Summit Avenue Walking Tour, our annual multiple visits to the Minnesota State Fair, another trip to Spain, the Walker Sculpture Garden, a quick weekend trip to California for my niece’s wedding, and of course I’ll include photos of flowers and autumn colors that I especially like from the year.

Here’s a conglomeration of my year in photos that I hope you’ll enjoy.

Happy New Year everyone!! May 2020 bring you everything you wish for.


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6 responses to “My 2019 in photos

  1. Toby, wonderful shots. I love the blend of the museum, homes with real events. Are they museums and homes in Minneapolis are elsewhere? My wife and I may venture your way in the spring or summer. We have a friend in St. Paul. Take care, Keith

    • Thanks! The homes were from the walking tour of Summit Avenue in St. Paul. The James J. Hill house can be toured but people live in the other homes. The walking tour is a nice way to learn some of the history of St. Paul and the houses built by the richest people during that time. Let me know when you’re coming. It would be fun to meet up for dinner or coffee.

      • Toby, we would love that. Question – is May or June a good month up there? Keith

      • HA! Either? One never knows until it comes. We’ve actually had snow in May, EEK!! Okay it was May 3rd but still counts as May. We’ve also had pretty chilly Junes so it’s anyone’s guess. Sorry! It’s a crap shoot.

      • Thanks. I will keep you posted. My wife loves touring older homes, so when I saw your pictures, it gave us another reason to visit. I definitely would love to grab a cup of coffee or lunch with you. Take care.

      • I think that Summit Avenue walking tour only happens in the summer so if you’re interested in that, perhaps June would be better. Okay, sounds good!

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