early summer blooms in the upper midwest

While fall and spring are my favorite seasons, in that order, I do love summer for all the gorgeous flowers everywhere! And naturally I’ve taken some photos of them. Plus I have photos of the garden as it was the first few days of July. So without further ado, please enjoy early summer blooms and plants.

First, let’s check in with the vegetable garden. All the plants are happy and growing.

Next is a collection of photos from my favorite walking path near my house. So many interesting plants!

To close, some photos from my own garden.

I have so many photos of bee balm that I thought they deserved their own gallery.

Do you have a favorite summer flower? There are so many, it’s hard to choose but I do love the bee balm.  And here I’ve displayed three different colors.  I’ll be back soon with more photos of summer flowers. Do come back and take a look!


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6 responses to “early summer blooms in the upper midwest

  1. Toby, nicely done. My favorite summer flower is a flowering tree or shrub, the Crepe Myrtle. The flower in the heat of the summer and range from whites, to pinks, to lavenders to reds, the latter is my favorite. One word of caution – do not plant these trees by a pool, as those flowers get in the pool and have to be scooped out. Keith

    • Oh yes! I had to look up the Crepe Myrtle and now I remember seeing those in Virginia. My sister has one in her front yard….for one more week as they’re moving to Texas! Sounds like you have some experience cleaning the petals from a pool huh? :) Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Beautiful! Send me some raspberries!

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