Random summer flowers

Another quick post to display some flowers around the neighborhood, most of them are not from my garden. I’ve been working on two others posts and hope to post at least one of them soon! So, please come back. In the mean time, enjoy this gallery of beautiful flowers.


Filed under Gardening

8 responses to “Random summer flowers

  1. Tobyo, thanks for the walk about. They are lovely. Keith

  2. Very nice! Mostly pinks and purples, but the shades of orange are interesting. They make for a calm, peaceful walk. I wonder about the aromas…

  3. Great photos Toby!
    Do you know what the red flower is, next to the echinacea?

    • Thanks! It’s a red day lily. (btw, and I’m not sure if you’ll come back to read this comment but….I noticed you always write two comments, likely because you don’t see your comment after you’ve submitted it. I set comments for me to approve first because there is so much spam. So, just so you know you don’t have to send it twice :) )

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