Lens Artist challenge – backlit

I always think I won’t find any photos for a particular challenge and this one was no different. However, after perusing others’ posts and finding inspiration among them, I’m happy to say I found many! So many that I had to stop looking and post my version of the challenge. This week’s challenge comes from Ann-Christine and her images are just stunning! Do check them out at this link or if you’d like to enter the challenge or to see other posts in the challenge.

From the Real Alcazar in Sevilla, Spain.

The Hartwell Memorial Window at The Art Institute in Chicago. There are lights behind this magnificent stained glass that brings out the beautiful colors.

The sun poking through the clouds on my descent into Chicago last summer.

From that same trip to Chicago and at The Art Institute, one of the many scenes in the Thorne Miniature Rooms. I love how the light from the outside brightens the two rooms.

One of the many stained glass sections of Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.

A close-up of a columbine bloom with the sun lighting up and enhancing the colors.

And of course I had to include sunsets from the cabin. Here is one of my all time favorites of father and daughter silhouettes when our daughter was still little.

Another great sunset at the lake

A sunrise from my backyard

A sunrise from the Target parking lot that I noticed from my rear view mirror. Of course I had to capture that gorgeous sky!

One last photo of a sunrise on the North Shore


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22 responses to “Lens Artist challenge – backlit

  1. Another great collection of pictures Toby! I enjoy looking! :)

  2. You certainly did have a great collection, Toby. The Sagrada Familia in Barcelona was fabulous, and my favorite was of the father/daughter at sunset. I can see why is would be a favorite. I laughed when you said you captured the sunrise shot at Target. Target has everything doesn’t it? lol. I loved the columbine bloom too. Very nice.

  3. GREAT selections. Very well done.

  4. Wow! What a combination of natural and man-made colors!

  5. Loving the sunsets and the lake.

  6. Stunning. Beautifully captured, and such variety.

  7. Love your choices, Toby, the sunsets and sunrises are wonderful, especially with the silhouettes. And, the light in the miniature rooms is very attractive and well caught.

  8. Stunning photo of the Columbine.

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