Nature Photo Challenge – Yellow

Oh, I’m liking this week’s theme! Denzil has asked us to find photos of yellow in nature and I have a lot of those! If you’d like to enter this challenge or to view other entries, click here. Here are some that I found. Below are goldenrod, day lily, arugula blossoms, cucumber blossom, yellow primrose, another day lily, coreopsis, black-eyed Susans, orchid. And my featured image are black-eyed Susans. Whew! Enjoy!!

I decided to edit and add a couple of sunsets that I totally forgot about when I compiled this.


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15 responses to “Nature Photo Challenge – Yellow

  1. Wonderful yellows :D :D

  2. I think yellow may be your favorite color Toby, or at least one of them. Thanks for these beautiful photos.

  3. What a great selection! I love the day lily in the rain, the yellow primrose and the almost acid yellow on that orchid :D

  4. What grabbed me was the climbing pumpkin flower, or was it a cucumber?

  5. Nice! Especially the coreopsis and those whirly-looking black-eyed Susans!

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