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this weekend’s sunset at the lake

We were fortunate enough to spend another fabulous weekend up north.  The weather was perfect and we were rewarded with yet another opportunity to photograph the sunset.  I can’t decide which I like best so I’m posting a bunch of them.  Enjoy and happy independence day!!

First, one of hubby’s silhouette before the sun set, then the sunsets:

IMG_5819 IMG_5831 IMG_5833 IMG_5834






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a perfect weekend up north

It was picture perfect at the lake for father’s day weekend.  It was a last minute decision to go and when we checked the weather forecast there was a 90% chance of thunderstorms. That turned into a range of about 30% to 55% and then they became “scattered” thunderstorms.  The storms never materialized!! And it ended up being the absolute perfect weather day on Saturday and we got to view (and photograph) another beautiful sunset.

We did our now usual weekend trip, leaving after the rush hour traffic to subside Friday night.  This time we managed to leave just after 7 p.m., arriving in Akeley about 10:30.  We drove through many areas of fog and did not hit two deer. One was crossing the road ahead of us, the other was on the side of the road. We awakened to fog the next morning but headed off to the Rapid River Logging Camp as planned. They have a fun, family style breakfast and Miss M really wanted to go this time.  You get as many eggs as you want (we heard one person ask for six eggs!! for just that one person!! wow…big appetite I guess) either over easy or scrambled, many pancakes, ham or sausage, hash browns and logger raisins (prunes). You can also have orange juice, milk or coffee or some combination of those. We got juice and coffee.   We left feeling satisfied.

We stopped at Coborn’s grocery store in Park Rapids on our way back to the cabin to get snacks and something for dinner.  Then we didn’t leave again until it was time to go home the next day.  It was heavenly. Neither side of neighbors were there and it was very quiet on the lake.  The only sounds we heard were lake gulls, loons and our lawn mower as we took turns mowing the area by the shoreline.  Since it was full of wildflowers I gave Miss M the job of collecting most of the them to put in vases in the cabin and they looked lovely!  She made one big one and a smaller one for the bathroom.  We had a nice pork chop dinner then had a camp fire complete with smores!  And then we were rewarded with a gorgeous sunset.  Weekends like this one are why we endure winter.

Come have a look-see at some photos I took.

Here are various sunsets at different times:

Finally, the dad and his mini me.  Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!


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4th of July sunsets

We had another lovely weekend at the cabin and another fabulous sky of changing sunsets.  Here are a handful of my favorites.

We had the most amazing display of fireworks over the lake and we didn’t have to go anywhere.  At one point we were standing on the dock and there were dueling fireworks.  We didn’t know where to look!  Quite the problem to have don’t you think? :) I tried and tried to get a good photo of the fireworks.  Alas, my iphone camera is not the best for this type of shot. But I did choose one to share.

And the sky’s colors just kept on giving.  This one was taken about 45 minutes after the sun had set and you can kind of see some fireworks going off way across the lake.

And, oh heck, here’s a gratuitous photo of Fritz in the red chair totally unrelated to the 4th of July.  I just like this photo of him. Red looks good on him don’t you think?



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Sunsets at the lake

I’m on a roll with trying to catch up with the many blog posts I have wanted to create.  Might as well keep going :)

We always spend Memorial Day weekend at the family cabin up north don’t ya know.  And almost always we get the most amazing sunsets.  Here’s a collection of my favorite shots from last weekend’s sunsets.


Happy weekend everyone!!


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vacation in northern minnesota

We are amongst the many people that are lucky enough to have a family cabin in the woods in northern Minnesota.  We just had a nice vacation there and here is a brief synopsis of our time at 11th Crow Wing Lake.

We arrived around noon on a sunny summer day.  The lake was beautiful and as peaceful as ever.  Here’s our view from the deck:

This ginormous dragonfly was on the door.  Isn’t it beautiful?

And Lady of the Cakes will be so happy to see food in this post ;) We decided to cook our dinner in the camp fire the first night.  Here’s one of the fire builders at work:

Pretty soon we have a fire hot enough to cook corn.  First, we soaked it in water for about an hour.  Then wrapped it in foil and put them in the fire.  They took about 10-15 minutes.  We got our corn unwrapped, peeled, buttered and salted and then roasted our hot dogs.

And just look at how talented I am.  I can roast a weenie and take a picture at the same time!!

Ready, set, eat!!

Ready for more food?  I clipped a recipe in this week’s food section in the newspaper for a different kind of rhubarb crisp.  This was made with ginger snaps and “candied” ginger.  All the store in Walker had was crystallized ginger.  It was just a tad too gingery for me so I’m not going to make it again.  But it sure looks yummy doesn’t it? (if I do say so meself):

We always have beautiful sunsets over the lake.  Here’s a couple from our first night’s sunset:

Here’s one of my favorite photos this trip, the paddlers returning in the canoe:

Two more sunset photos from our last night there:

We are so fortunate to be able to enjoy this lovely spot.


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CBBH Photo Challenge: Reflection

Marianne at East of Málaga hosts this monthly challenge(click the link for more of this month’s entries) and I’m doing it this month!  I have so many reflection-type photos and most, if not all, of these have been posted before but it’s fun to put together a collection of photos for a theme. I hope you’ll enjoy these.  Click on any photo to see it larger and to scroll through all of the photos.

The rest of the challenge is to include links to two blogs that I’ve commented on in the last month.  My first is a more recent find, a food blog that I think you’ll enjoy.  Things My Belly Likes is full of great recipes with a dash of humor too.

My second featured blog has given me much inspiration in the last few weeks.  Please visit Mirth and Motivation, I promise you’ll be inspired!


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Weekly travel theme: Red

I absolutely love the color red.  And I sure had fun searching through my pics for this one!  I also tried the gallery for the first time, I kinda like it. Thanks to The Wanderlust Gene for the inspiration. Do check out the photos there, they’re fabulous! The travel theme this week comes from Ailsa at where’s my backpack.  Click the link to see more great entries.

I hope you enjoy my selection.  If you click on a photo below, a new window opens and you’re able to view all of them a bit larger than you see them here.


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