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Sunday Post: Autumn

This week’s theme from Jakesprinter is my favorite season.  Click the link to see more great entries this week.

Here’s a collection of autumn scenes in Minnesota.

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summer lilies a-mundo

I have a yard full of all kinds of lilies.  Here are but some that have bloomed or are blooming now.  I think I like the red one the best. Which one’s your favorite?

Red lilies, summer in Minnesota

Red lilies, summer in Minnesota

Yellow day lily

Yellow day lily









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Sunset – 11th Crow Wing Lake, Akeley, Minnesota

A near perfect weekend at the cabin in the woods in northern Minnesota.  It was made less perfect by yet another horrible drive out of town Friday afternoon.  I wrote about our first trip of the year to our cabin recently and we had hoped to avoid the traffic jam of last trip by taking a different route. Ah but the best laid plans of mice and men….a theme that comes up over and over in my life.  What normally takes just over three hours took nearly 4 1/2 hours to start off our nearly perfect weekend. So, that really was the worst of it unless you count the rain we woke up to Saturday morning. I kept saying it would clear up and it would be a nice day. Thankfully, I was correct!

We arrived exhausted from our long car ride but we decided the pain was worth it once we settled in, had some supper and then sat by the campfire watching the most gorgeous sunset.  We were rewarded in other ways as well during the weekend.  We got to see and hear much wildlife such as bats and fireflies Friday night.  While at our campfire Saturday night we saw two great blue herons duking it out over territory, or we presumed as much.  I spotted an eagle flying along the shore and then moments later, that same eagle flew right overhead with something in its claws and two smaller birds close on its heels squawking something fierce. We assumed that the eagle probably grabbed one of those birds’ family members :(  On our way to breakfast we witnessed a mother turkey with three (or four?) baby turkeys just walking along the road!  On our return trip the turkeys had left.  One last wildlife sighting happened just outside of town on our way home, a deer and two youngsters leaping across the road! I had to brake in case there were more.  I wish I could have gotten their pictures.  Instead here are some pics of the fabulous sunset we enjoyed Friday night.









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We were up at the cabin this weekend and I got some cool shots of trees’ reflections in the lake.


Here’s an actual tree:


Here are two different reflections, one with part of the bottom of the tree in the pic and one without any of the tree (just its reflection) in the pic:



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Early summer blooms and plants

There’s alot going on in my garden right now and there are some really beautiful things blooming as well.  Here are but a few pics of them along with our veggie(but mostly fruit as it happens) garden.

The mailbox garden with Stella D’oro day lilies, tiger lilies and moonbeam coreopsis:


Stella D’oro up close and gorgeous!


That cuke is headed for the fence:


I think we maybe should have thinned the beans along the fence?


Here’s what days upon days of rain, rain and more rain gets you – a nearly 3 foot cilantro plant:


As well, the basil plant looks ready to pick:


The pepper plant is looking great!


Another fine bunch of bee balm again this year:



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Neighborhood egret

UPDATE: I originally posted this a year ago June.  It’s now July 2013. It was one of the posts that contained broken links so I’ve revived this post with photos of our egret of last year.  I thought of it because we have not seen its return this year. I’m glad I got the photos I did.

Such a beautiful bird and there’s one in our pond across the street.  It’s there frequently when hubby and I take our lunchtime walk around the pond.  I almost always bring my camera.  I hope to get a great close-up but for now, here are some pics of our neighborhood egret.

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An interesting weekend up north

Memorial day is always our first trip to the family cabin and in recent years we have chosen to drive up Friday night, typically after all the other twin citians who head out of town are already gone.  Unfortunately for us, we chose the wrong highway to take north this trip.  Leaving late this time didn’t do us any good.  I had seen on the state’s department of transportation website that there was major construction happening on our favorite route but this same website also showed no congestion on a 15 mile section of that highway. We thought it wouldn’t be a problem by the time we got there but, we were stuck on that highway, now down to one lane either direction, going about 10 mph. It delayed us about an hour. We did eventually make it to Akeley and we were all asleep just after midnight. It’s so much better to wake up there rather than getting there in the afternoon on Saturday, even with our long drive up that night.

Saturday morning we chose to have breakfast at a place hubby and I tried for the first time last year.  It’s in Walker about 9 miles away.  We all enjoyed the great service and food at the Outdoorsman Cafe:



We stopped to get a few groceries and then, back to the cabin.  I was planning on showering before I made the rhubarb muffins (about my fifth harvest this year, I’ve lost count!) but that was not to be.  It was then that we noticed the new water heater.  Hubby and his brother tried to fix it thinking it just needed to be turned up but it just was not coming on.  The lukewarm water that I brushed my teeth in earlier was the last of what was in the tank.  So……no showers until my other brother in law could fix it.  Heh, no showers were taken at all because he was busy with graduation parties and could not make it until the next day.  We all made the best of it and even found the old pans that were used to wash dishes in before the cabin had running water.  It was like camping ;)


One of the highlights of the weekend was a walk on the Heartland Trail.  The cabin is just steps away from this nicely paved biking and hiking path where the railroad tracks used to be. My sister in law and I had a pleasant walk whilst catching up.  We happened upon these yellow lady slippers. I have never seen this type before, the pink ones yes(which are Minnesota’s state flower), but not the yellow ones. They were just stunning!!  And there were only two of them:


Have you ever seen a pine cone forming?  I sure hadn’t so I had to snap a pic of them:


Saturday night we had dinner at one of our favorite places, the Dorset Cafe, about 15 miles from the cabin:


I always get their broasted chicken, it is awesome!  I was behind a woman at the salad bar who I overheard her saying she’s been meaning to try the Dorset Cafe and finally she was here. So I piped in that their broasted chicken was really good to which she replied “Oh good, that’s what I ordered!”  I am betting she really enjoyed her dinner.

I also snapped this pic of a Rolls Royce parked at what used to be Hammond’s gas station in downtown Akeley.  The gas station closed down many years ago so it was strange to see this nice car parked there next to the tow truck:




Akeley is a small northern Minnesota town of around 400 people.  In its heyday it was a busy logging town, roughly 100 years ago, and its population was around 3500.  It’s hard to imagine that it was once a boom town.   My mother in law grew up in Akeley and it is her family cabin that we all get to enjoy during the summer.  And so begins another season of visits to the cabin in the woods.


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