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Nature Photo Challenge: Pink

I’m entering another photo challenge and this time it’s Denzil’s weekly challenge and the theme is Pink. He’s in Belgium with gloomy weather and he thought a bit of pink would cheer us up. I’m in Minnesota with gloomy weather and I hope this cheers me up. I found a lot of pink in nature. Come have a look see.

I can’t wait to see these bloom this year, pink crabapple:

My neighbor’s coneflowers:

my neighbor's coneflowers

Another neighbor’s hibiscus:

Some pink cosmos:

A pink morning glory:

A pink cactus flower from the United States Botanic Garden:

A pink orchid also from the United States Botanic Garden:

And one of my all time favorites, the Minnesota state flower Showy Lady’s Slipper:

I’m sure I can find more but I think this will suffice. And yes, that did cheer me up!


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