Nature Photo Challenge – Trees

This week Denzil has asked us to find photos of trees in nature. I managed to find some from all four seasons. If you’d like to enter this challenge or to view other entries, click here. Denzil’s post and others that I’ve seen have some great photos of trees, many I had never seen before.

First up, some trees from places other than Minnesota.

From the Jardín Botánico Histórico La Concepción, Málaga. A palm tree with fruit.

I wasn’t sure if bougainvillea was a tree so I googled and the Google says yes so, here’s a photo of the largest bougainvillea I have ever seen. It was in full bloom in May that year. From the Real Alcazar in Sevilla, Spain.

From the Getty Center in Los Angeles, California. I googled “tropical tree with trumpet flowers” and learned that this is a brugmansia tree. Such interesting blossoms don’t you think?

Palm trees on Venice Beach, California.

Homage to a tree

Since the theme is trees, I’d like to pay homage to our crabapple tree that broke after a late winter storm on March 31st. After 8 inches of heavy, wet snow the crabapple tree that provided shade to our living room cracked from the weight of the snow and it did so shortly after I woke up on April 1st. And it sure startled me! We didn’t feel like joking on this April fool’s day. We had two arborists look at it and both said it needed to be removed. It’s been gone several weeks now and the front of our house looks so bare. But I’m trying to view this as a positive and we’ve been looking for a few places to give us a bid on planting a new tree. A friend suggested we plant our own tree and save that money. I’m not sure I have the energy and/or strength to do that but we’re considering that as well. She has tips she’s willing to share. It’s lovely to have friends with knowledge, isn’t it? Another positive thing, I’ll have nothing in my way when I clear the roof of snow next winter 😳 Yea, that’s not the best positive aspect is it? As you can likely tell from the first photo where the tree is in full bloom, it is much too close to the house for how big it got. We’ve had to prune it to prevent branches from laying on the roof. So we’re thinking of planting the new tree about 10 or so feet from where the old tree stood, so to the left of the truck in the yard and not right next to the house. The other photos are various views of the cracked tree. Click on any image to see larger photos.

And here’s the type of crabapple tree that I’d like to plant but maybe not right in front of the house. Oh, did I say that already? 🤓 This one appears to be planted far enough away from the house.

Another crabapple tree next door. It’s in full bloom right now and this photo is from yesterday. I now have crabapple tree envy. But at least there are many to view on my daily walks right now.

A tree with white blossoms, not sure what type of tree it is but it sure is pretty.

Continuing my with spring trees, here’s a weeping willow from last week that is just starting to fill out.

And a little gallery of other trees from this week’s walks. A neighbor has planted a magnolia which I don’t see too many of here so I wonder if it will make it. Then I saw another “baby” magnolia with yellow flowers at my local park next to the arboretum. I’ve never seen a yellow blossoming magnolia before. So if the arboretum has planted a magnolia, maybe they are hardy enough to survive our winters? And then to continue with my crabapple tree envy, there is also a Flowering Crabapple Collection at the arboretum in my local park. My feature photo is of most of the collection and it’s in this gallery too. Click on any image to see a larger version.

Luckily I still have my beautiful maple tree. Here it is at peak autumn color.

A group of trees at peak autumn color on the Mississippi River which was very calm that day.

This one is on the Minneapolis side of the Mississippi River Road. I love how this beautiful tree is framed by other trees.

One more autumnal tree. This one’s from the University of Minnesota St. Paul campus on one of my walks when I worked there.

A hike through the woods on the North Shore of Lake Superior.

Another hike through some pines along the North Shore at Tettegouche State Park.

Sunset through the trees at the cabin in northern Minnesota.


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24 responses to “Nature Photo Challenge – Trees

  1. So many lovely trees! I hadn’t realised bougainvillea was a tree (and didn’t think to check!) so I missed including them in my post. I love the colours in your autumn trees – your own maple is gorgeous! It’s such a shame you lost your crab apple but I’m sure you’ll find the right tree to replace it soon.

    • What happened was that I was perusing my archives, saw that huge bougainvillea then googled because I so wanted to include it. Thanks for looking and commenting!

  2. I also love those pink crabapple trees. I bought two for my yard a few years ago. I’m happy to say that despite the best efforts of the deer to “prune” them, they are still alive! We ended up totally fencing them in. (The trees, not the deer.) :)

    • Ha! That’s great that they’re still alive. There are two different pinks, a lighter one and a darker one. I’m leaning towards the darker one. I wonder if I’ll need to fence mine in. I see some new evergreens at the park that are fenced in and we do have deer that live around here and sometimes show up in our yard 🤔 Thanks for stopping by!

  3. So much natural beauty. Great photos. And those first four all grow here in our area.

  4. Beautiful! I can’t decide on a favorite! Palm trees with sunset? White blossoms? Autumn on the Mississippi? Sunset at the cabin? Very nice color contrasts and feeling of calm… Thanks for sharing!

  5. That and very impressive photos! And wonderful colors!

  6. A gorgeous gallery. I especially enjoyed the tropical trees because I don’t get to see them often. 😁

  7. Such a rich gallery of wonderful trees Toby. I do hope you find a replacement for the crab apple that will give you as much pleasure.

  8. Pingback: Your photos of Trees – Denzil Nature

  9. Wonderful colourful gallery :)

  10. I especially love the crab apple trees you showcase. I always enjoy making crab apple jelly from their fruit – especially good with added chilli!

    • Thanks! The crabapple tree is my theme for the year. That jelly sounds great! Ours never produced real fruit but the critters sure loved the berries during fall and winter.

  11. The bougainvillea and angel’s trumpet are most impressive. And those autumn colours!
    When you plant a new crabapple, you may have to protect it from deer until it’s grown beyond their nibbling reach.
    The neighbour with the baby magnolia would be advised to remove the grass in a circle a few feet out from the magnolia’s trunk. Turf right up to the trunk may dwarf the tree. (I have a similar magnolia that’s now 20 feet high and almost as wide, despite my efforts to prune it. On second thought, maybe I should have left the grass in place.) :-)

  12. PR

    Oh the Bougaainvillea is gorgeous! It is quite popular in India too although not a native species – it was brought there sometime in the early 1900s. My mother’s theory is (and she may be right about it) that the less you care for it, the better it blossoms – like in the forest where nobody is bothering them 😀!

    • Oh, thanks for your comment! I’d agree with your mother. This is a plant/tree that needs no maintenance as long as it’s in the right environment. It would never survive here where I live.

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