Real Jardín Botánico – Madrid, España

While planning our trip to Spain for May 2010, I read about the Real Jardín Botánico and could not believe that I never went there when I lived in Madrid as a student. I penciled it in for the end of our day at two of the three great art museums in Madrid.  I was so glad that we did, it was better than I expected and that’s always fun. Below are highlights from our visit to this peaceful oasis in the busy city that is Madrid.






There were these interesting sculptures there too:




I highly recommend this wonderful garden for anyone visiting Madrid.



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5 responses to “Real Jardín Botánico – Madrid, España

  1. monidew

    azaleas and irises are beautiful. great garden art too.

  2. So pretty! I wish I’d seen those sculptures!

    • I wondered if they were temporary but when I looked at them again, they looked kinda permanent. but who knows? you mighta just missed them. you will have to go back ;) thanks for your comments!

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