Weekly and CBBH Photo Challenge: Color

More photo challenges! This time I’m combining two different challenges into one because they are very similar.  I love photos with color in them and I especially like photographing colorful plants and flowers.  I decided to use mostly newer photos with the exception of the Chihuly ceiling in the lobby of the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas.  It goes nicely with the Chihuly yellow “ball” (I am not sure what its actual name is so I’ve named it a ball) that hangs in the Minneapolis Institute of Art.  Most of these are flowers but there is one very colorful dessert: red velvet cake.  It was almost too pretty to eat!  The bouganvillea and hibiscus were photographed in Santa Monica, CA on our trip there last fall.  The orchids are from the Marjorie McNeely Conservatory in St. Paul, MN.

Please look here for more weekly photo challenges and here for more CBBH photo challenges or to create your own entry.  There are many excellent entries once again.

One last item.  For the CBBH photo challenge I’m linking two blogs that I’ve commented on in the last month.  I’ve been enjoying travel posts at Displaced Beach Bums. I found this one during one of my not so regular searches for blogs about Málaga.  This Beach Bum is quite the traveler and I’ve only just scratched the surface of her blog.  So many blogs, so little time.  But I’ve loved every post I’ve looked at so far.  Do have a look!

The Travel Wench is a blog I just started following.  Prompted by her following my blog, I had a quick look and another kindred traveler! Oh boy!  She has quite the bucket list too, go and have a look. I’m going to show her Málaga one day :)


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23 responses to “Weekly and CBBH Photo Challenge: Color

  1. So the multi-coloured photos that look like jellyfish are in Las Vegas are they? Wow! I’ve seen that image before but didn’t know where it was.

    Love your selection of photos, Toby – I’m sure your red velvet cake was yummy!

    Thanks for pointing the way to two bloggers you have commented on – neither of which are familiar to me – so guess where I’m off to, right away?

    Great entry for this month’s CBBH Photo Challenge.

    • glad you liked them! jellyfish? una perspectiva interesante :) I’ve never seen jellyfish in there so thanks for that new view. Yep, it’s the ceiling in the lobby of the Bellagio Hotel by Chihuly. I had never heard of him before and had posted that photo on another blog at the time I took it and someone there told me who created it. A fun artist!!

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  3. Theses two were crying out to be combined, weren’t they Tobyo? Very pretty. Intrigued by the third shot. I couldn’t decide if they were real or fake?

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  5. Lovely colour gallery, Tobyo. I love Hibiscus and Chihuly. :)

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  7. Lovely photos…….. but I think I like the cake best haha! (We’re always hungry around here!)

  8. mrscarmichael

    love the chocolate cake slabbed in the midst of nature :D

  9. Cool pix. I want some cake now, though. Have a great Sunday. BTG

    • I want some cake too after all these comments about that red velvet cake :) I’m having a fine Sunday. I hope yours is equally fine. thanks for stopping by!

  10. the cakes looks scrummy to say the least…but I love the ceiling…WOW

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  12. We attended a Chihuly exhibit years ago, and I loved seeing your pictures. The flowers are vividly beautiful.

  13. What a beautiful series of photos–each one perfect, together a bouquet of color!

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