Spring in the frozen tundra

It was a long wait but it’s finally here.  Spring in the frozen tundra.  We went past 70 degrees yesterday!!  And I took a few photos to share.  I got out my patio furniture:


Took a look around the yard, had some large branches to gather up.  One was laying on top of one of my early spring favorites, some sort of tulip. That branch was the first to be moved and it marked the beginning of gardening season.  It felt great to be in the warmth of the sun and starting on the yard clean-up.

That owl up there is to scare off the rodents.  That didn’t work too well as it was likely the rabbits that got my sand cherry shrub again. I also forgot to put a fence around it last fall to prevent them from chewing on the branches, again. Live and learn as they say. And maybe, just maybe, it’s too soon to say if it will make it or not.  Here’s hoping!

Here are some scillia, I only just learned the name of these lovely little “purplies” (that’s what I called them previously and may just continue to do) from my neighbor, whose scillia were already blooming.  These will open today I suspect:

The last of the snow:

Always my first blooms, the snowdrops:

And, you know, you just can’t keep rhubarb down around these parts.  My trusty rhubarb, that’s been moved a couple of times and still it returns every year without fail:

And here’s hubby’s close-up of it:

So, in a couple of weeks I should be taking this photo again:

The photo with our first rhubarb crisp of 2012 was taken on April 15.  Yes, we are a little behind this year but we’re finally on our way.  Spring has finally come to the frozen tundra!!  More photos to come.

What’s your favorite thing about spring?


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12 responses to “Spring in the frozen tundra

  1. Happy Springtime! Our climate is more mild than yours– I harvested my rhubarb a couple days ago, and now we have a strawberry rhubarb pie in the fridge! Once it starts, it just seems to snowball (so to speak).

    • don’t say snow!!! heh. yea, we had more snow last week. I don’t know statistics but I’d bet the kind of winter we just emerged from doesn’t happen all that often. At least I’m hoping that’s the case. nice to get outside and we’ve got one more just like it for today, ah…..enjoy your day and thanks for stopping by!!

  2. My scilla are poking up through the remaining snow! But so good to see signs of our long-awaited Spring.

  3. Evenings where you can eat outside with your family. Everyone lingers at the table a little longer with conversation. Another good one is April Showers on a Sunday afternoon where you can just laze about. Today was a good one. Happy Spring!!!!!

  4. My favourite thing? The Summer that sometimes follows it! :)

  5. …. the promise of summer to come – with long sunny, warm days :)

  6. Spring has always given me incredible amounts of energy. This year there’s no spring for me, since I’ve been living in summer temperatures all through the winter, but I am not complaining about that!! Enjoy spring!

    • yes I wouldn’t complain about summer temps through winter, lucky you!! winter effectively just ended last Friday here. NO JOKE!! it snowed last Friday!! that is the latest I’ve experienced it snow ever in my 21 years here. but this week we’re back to “normal” spring and things are greening up nicely!! Finally!! thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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