The skyways of St. Paul

I started a new job in downtown St. Paul last month and I am exploring the fascinating skyways.  There are many places to eat along with convenience shops, banks and ATMs, a florist, some card shops and dry cleaners within walking distance of my office.  And it’s all enclosed so you don’t have to worry about the weather, of which we have plenty.  It’s been great fun walking through the skyways and finding new things.  And you see some sights along the way, like our state capitol in a photo below.

There are a few of these maps posted along the way.  This one shows all the skyways and their reaches(in blue):

There are signs to direct you:

Crossing 6th Street:

Here’s an example of the enjoyment of the skyways when it comes to the weather.  It was a cloudy, rainy day but I took to the skyways knowing it didn’t matter.  I was not going to get wet!  I took some photos of the scenery and I ended up with two different focuses looking north from the same spot.  One focuses on the capitol, the other on the rain on the window.

There’s a food court about five minutes from my desk.  I have eaten at two of these places but I also found a great place for salads another five minutes further away.  Such fun!!

On the way back to the office you can see a nice courtyard complete with art in the form of sculpture.  This looks like a nice spot for when the weather is nice.  Bring your lunch and eat outside.  Ah, heaven…….

And on a warm day last week, my co-worker and I took a walk outside!!  When we returned we found a band playing music:

St. Paul is definitely an interesting place to work.  I’ve always wanted to work here and now I know why.  I’m going to keep exploring and perhaps have a skyways part 2 post in the future.  For now, I hope you’ve enjoyed your brief visit to a part of my new work life.


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21 responses to “The skyways of St. Paul

  1. Ah yes – outside though, that’s for me! ;)

  2. I always wondered how you can survive in that cold, cold, cold. This is how! very cool!!

  3. Good luck on your new job. Thanks for the pix. BTG

  4. What an interesting view. I know the skyways come in handy in the extreme weather. I wonder which other cities, if any, have skyways…

  5. What a cool new world to explore! Such a nice place with so many sights to see and so convenient!! Thanks for sharing!!

  6. How is the job going? Everything you hoped? Just stopped by to say hello. BTG

    • it’s going well, thanks for asking! yes, everything I had hoped. thanks for stopping by, that was so nice! I am far behind on my blog stuff and miss reading your posts and so many others. maybe this weekend I’ll have some time to meander :)

  7. That’s what I need- skyways! Wouldn’t quite fit in the local environment. Shame! Nice to catch up. :)

    • well then, you should come to the cities and experience them! best to do it in mid-winter so get the full appreciation ;) thanks for stopping by, always nice to see you. I hope to have more time for blogging soon, I am so behind!

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  11. Skyway Mom

    Hi. I found your website searching for St. Paul skyway pictures. Do you still work downtown? Our family of 4 just moved here last year and we are so smitten with it I started writing about it, We lived in Nicaragua the year before coming here. You seem like a kindred spirit -. perhaps we’ll meet someday! P.S. My camera isn’t so good. Any chance, I could I use your pictures with permission and proper credit of course?

    • what an interesting blog you have! just read one of your posts and loved it! yes, a kindred spirit. Welcome to St. Paul! I no longer work downtown. I liked it and didn’t like it but glad I did it. Can you give me the links to your posts when you’ve used a photo? I’d love to see them! Thanks!

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