an update on spring

Spring continues to fill in all around us here in the frozen tundra and I took some photos to share.

Remember this rhubarb?

It looks like this as of a couple of days ago(time for harvest #2!!):

I am not sure what this is called but it comes back every spring without fail.  And it doesn’t last long:

Part of my mother’s day gift.  A nice, small bouquet of home grown daffodils:

My neighbor’s tree, a strikingly beautiful pink:

A pink bleeding heart:

Yet to be planted in pots, annuals that I bought last week:

I saw these at the cabin last weekend and hubby called them bloodwort.  He also said that the Indians used to use the stems for war paint.  I have never seen these blooming at the cabin in all the 20+ years I’ve been going there:

And last but not least, some beautiful lilacs.


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7 responses to “an update on spring

  1. I spent the weekend in the garden here and it was glorious. The rhododendrons so colourful and the clematis well on their way. Sadly it’s bouncing with rain again and the newly burgeoning laburnum is looking bedraggled. Oh dear. Good for the garden? :)

    • we’ve got a lot of rain too but yes, it is good for the garden!! did you take photos of said rhododendrons and clematis? would love to see them.

  2. My wife would laugh and cry at the rhubarb. Her favorite Aunt used to make a rhubarb pie. Take care, BTG

  3. I love rhubarb crumble. :) Happy childhood memories. Lovely signs of spring, especially the home-grown daffodils. :)

    • that rhubarb is ginormous right now!! must harvest it today….rhubarb crumble sounds divine!! I’m glad I could remind you of happy memories. thanks for stopping by :)

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