Early spring

We are greening up nicely here in the frozen tundra. I think it’s safe to say we are done with winter.  Yep, now May 3 will be the latest I’ve seen it snow here.  Used to be April 29, but not any more!  Meanwhile, I have a few things blooming in my yard and this weekend I’m making my first trip to the nursery!  I got a gift card for my favorite place so I’m going to get started with my potted plants.  What fun.

Below are some of the sights in my neighborhood right now.



Some crocus:

More scillia, two days later:


Remember this rhubarb?

As of five days ago, it looked like this:

Very soon I can make rhubarb crisp!!

On one of our walks last weekend, it was so nice and still that I got some good photos of our ponds.

By next week all those trees will be filled in with leaves.  I just love the different shades of greens right now.  It’s so lovely.  For those of you that have spring right now, enjoy!!


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8 responses to “Early spring

  1. Lovely, peaceful pond pics! I finally decided it was safe to swap out the snowflake doormat for one with flowers on it.

  2. Gorgeous! It looks like you’re going to have a very pretty garden this year. :)

  3. Susan

    Beautiful! Such colors are very welcoming after such a cold winter!

  4. what a lovely walk! it’s great seeing those happy flowers and the serene neighborhood, full of lovely trees and reflective water! z

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