Late spring

Greetings from the frozen tundra.  Things are greening up nicely around here.  The plants are happy and it’s mowing season again.  Life is beautiful.  Thought I’d share some of what’s growing and blooming right now.

You all remember my rhubarb right? Earlier photos can be found here.  Well, here is the first harvest(we’ve had two more harvests since this one):

Our veggies we just got from the farmers’ market:

Then planted in the garden:

Flowers in pots for the patio:

A couple of photos from my neighbor’s garden, a lupine and an iris:

A few from one of our favorite restaurant’s garden out front:

And last, let me show you one of the four geese families in our neighborhood:


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8 responses to “Late spring

  1. Hmmmm…. rhubarb crumble….
    Preceded by crispy fried goose ;-)

  2. Great shots, Toby, that paint a lovely picture. I especially smiled to see the family of geese making themselves at home!

  3. That is some vivid purple!! Happy spring in the great white north. Take care, BTG

    • oh wow, I didn’t realize this would be like a new post! this is a photo from last year: these iris have not bloomed yet this year. but yes, happy spring and thanks for stopping by! as always :)

  4. Irises are another of those big, blousy flowers that I love, Tobyo. They last such a short time, like poppies. My mum always had lupins in her garden so I have a fondness for them too. :)

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