These roses are from my only rose bush.  An amazing plant to be sure.  It seems to stay the same size year after year, although hubby was commenting that he thought it was smaller when we first moved here.  Could be.  I believe it’s meant to be small.  But this little bush survives each winter and usually blooms in time for the parade which is the beginning of our annual town fest.  The end of the fest is always the 4th of July.  This will have been the first year that my rose bush was NOT blooming in time for the parade.  Since we got a late start this year, everything is about two weeks behind.  And as well with my one rose bush.  I just took these photos the other day and I hope you’ll enjoy them.

I should have waited a bit for this post.  I just took a few more photos which include one of the entire bush.  And those tiny buds from above have opened up so I thought I would include these as well.  Enjoy!!


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8 responses to “Roses

  1. They are delicate and beautiful!

  2. Beautiful roses. Tobyo. :)

  3. The rose, my favorite flower. Beautiful roses from bud to open flower. Such a pretty delicate pink color too. I love them! Thanks for sharing!

  4. beautiful, wish I knew the name, almost looks like a polyantha based on pictures and your descriptions, regardless very dainty coloring.

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