the alcázar & the toledo city tour

I just had to share these fabulous photos of one of my favorite cities in Spain. Enjoy!!

in search of a thousand cafés

Thursday, July 4:  The next place I go on my walking tour is the Alcázar of Toledo, a stone fortification that sits at the highest part of Toledo.

In the third century, it was used as a Roman palace.  Abd ar-Rahman III built an al-qasr (fortress) here in the 10th century; it was later altered by the Christians, according to Lonely Planet Spain.

It was restored under Charles I and Philip II of Spain in the 1540s. In 1521, Hernan Cortes was received by Charles I at the Alcázar, following Cortes’ conquest of the Aztecs. (Wikipedia: Alcazar of Toledo)

The Alcázar was largely destroyed during the siege of Franco’s forces in 1936 but Franco had it rebuilt and turned into a military museum (Lonely Planet Spain).

It’s a bit strange going in this place because it’s just a huge military museum.  It’s easy…

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15 responses to “the alcázar & the toledo city tour

  1. Thanks for reblogging my post, Toby. I’m glad it brought back happy memories for you! :-)

    • I just looked at the photos again. they take my breath away!! and such blues skies too. you’re welcome :)

      • Thanks so much, Toby; I’m flattered that you liked them. I just looked at them again myself, through your reblog, and I can’t believe already I’ve forgotten how beautiful it was there. It’s a good thing I blog or I wouldn’t remember anything! :-)

      • LOL!!! I have some nice ones of Toledo too. it’s such a picturesque town….and one from the past that looks a lot like one of yours, except I’m in it :D

      • Oh, I’d like to see that one! Funny! :-)

      • I found it! Should I email it? I’m a little further down the road than your photo :)

      • You can email it (use the comment page on my “about me” page and I can email you back so you’ll have my email address). Oh I think I’ll need to add a comment form! Give me a little time.

        Or better yet, do you have a post about it you could link me to?

      • your email shows up in my comments page ;) I went looking to see if I included that photo in a post. great minds think alike! Alas, I did not and was considering making a post about it. it would have been so cool had I taken the same photo all these years later. the opportunity just didn’t present itself the last two times I was in Toledo. so….I will email it to you.

      • I got it! It’s very cute and you should definitely post it on your blog. It looks so nostalgic, like it’s from the Polaroid age! :-) Oh, and I didn’t know my email shows up in the comments page. Interesting!

      • thanks! well it was 1980 so almost the end of the polaroid age ;)

        thanks for the suggestion! I just gotta figure out what that post would be about. was thinking another “then and now” (I did one for Madrid). perhaps. yep, I believe you can see the email of any commenter of yours here. every day’s a school day :)

      • A Then and Now post sounds great. Or if you’ve been to Toledo twice, post both times side by side. I’m sure you’ll come up with something! It’s a good thing every day’s a school day! :-)

      • thinking, thinking….

      • I know you’ll come up with something. I’ll be waiting with bated breath! :-)

  2. I can see why it’s one of your favorite cities. It’s beautiful!!!

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