Weeky photo challenge – Unexpected!

I don’t remember what the issue was but my darling girl felt bad for whatever it was that she did.  She went in the basement to find blocks to spell out “I am sorry Mommy” and could only find one “R” I guess.  I was so surprised!! And pleased not only at the sentiment but especially for how clever she was with her apology.  She was 8 at the time. Take a look-see:

And then I can’t resist sharing a photo of my darling boys.  It was unexpected that they became such fast friends when Fritz came on the scene:

Check out more entries for this week’s challenge and enjoy!!


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41 responses to “Weeky photo challenge – Unexpected!

  1. The blocks are so sweet!!!

  2. Very creative way to say sorry, cute.

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  4. enjoyed both stories, Toby. your boys are very sweet-looking! :)

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  6. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    This is so priceless. It’s great you took a photo. It’s PRICEless.

  7. Adorable apology and so creative! I would be proud too. :)

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  9. How adorable! And what was it the darling girl did in the basement? :-)

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  13. Two big “aww’s”, Tobyo! But especially for your thoughtful child. :)

  14. Toby, they sure can melt your heart. Even in college, when one of my boys slips up and says I love you too, it makes my heart smile. This is precious. Take care, BTG

  15. You’ve raised a good daughter and cats.

  16. vastlycurious.com

    Your post was perfect timing about your daughter as I was just looking at years of handmade birthday cards from my now 20 year old. Savor every minute of life as it flies by!! Thanks for following my Blog!

  17. What a lovely entry for the challenge!!!! Excellent.

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  21. Amy

    Delightful post! Great take on, Toby!

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