last minute gingerbread cookies

Since we spent the weekend before Christmas away visiting family, we didn’t have much time to make cookies.  On Christmas morning my daughter and I set about making gingerbread cookies since I didn’t have to put the turkey in the oven until about 2 p.m.  Oh but wait!!  I had forgotten that the dough needed to chill for a few hours before we could roll it out.  So we switched gears, put the dough in the fridge, found a recipe for snicker doodles to appease hubby who really loves them.  Didn’t notice the recipe made 66 (SIXTY SIX!!!) cookies until it was almost too late.  Are you enjoying my story so far?  I realized that I didn’t have enough butter to make the full recipe of snicker doodles and have enough for our Christmas meal.  Instead, we halved the dry mixture and made a half recipe.  The other half is in a ziploc bag for when we get the urge to make snicker doodles again.

We had our nice Christmas meal and after the dishes were done and put away, we got back to our gingerbread cookies….at about 9 p.m.!!  I must be crazy but it was so much fun.  My daughter and I have made and decorated gingerbread cookies for several years now.  Here is a collection of photos of our gingerbread cookie production.  Better late than never!!


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16 responses to “last minute gingerbread cookies

  1. Fantastic! I really regret I haven’t done them this Christmas. Thanks for sharing!


    Looks yummy and what fun together! Happy New Year !

  3. 666 cookies… those gingerbread men are going to come alive at midnight and devour you all!!!!

  4. These are the things that make the memories :-). Merry Christmas Toby!

  5. I bet the cookies smelled wonderful.

    Merry Christmas :)

  6. I don’t suppose there are any left? :(

  7. Yummy! They look so-o-o delicious. Can’t you send me some? :-) Here in Zimbabwe Christmas is so-o-o different, especially in the rural areas. Just being with family is the big treat. There’s no special food (maybe rice, as it’s seen as a treat) and no wrapped presents. Visiting family and friends is a treat here… Thinking of all my friends back in the States… :-)

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