Weekly Photo Challenge – Joy

I have been meaning to do a post of these photos I’ve been collecting in a folder and this theme seems like the perfect opportunity.  A great source of my joy is my daughter.  Here is a compilation of photos of the two of us over the years.  You’ll probably notice that there is a chunk of time missing.  I do have photos from 2001 to 2004, I just don’t have them digitized or scanned.  But I think this collection is large enough – trimmed down from 63 that I had in that folder!

To see other entries in the challenge or to participate yourself, please click here.

From 2005 and 2006

From 2007 and 2008:

From 2009 and 2010:

From 2011 thru 2013:


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28 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – Joy

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  3. Pancakes… a girl after my own heart ;-)

  4. Lovely mom and daughter pics, Tobyo. You look like really good friends. :)

  5. Lovely entry … great joy you gave me through your photos – don’t have any children, but my mum and I had a strong bond. Just as I can see here.

  6. These pictures show a truly joyous mother and daughter! :-)

  7. Laurel Oberg

    Toby, I love your pictures of you and Bacon Lover. You are an awesome mom! Love Laurel

  8. You both haven’t changed a bit!! I’m sure she is getting as much joy as you. Wonderful time-line pictures to show you both “growing up”… :-)

  9. Toby, I love the one in front of the tree where you are hugging with your legs out. It looks like you are swinging each other around. She is a peach. Thanks for sharing and happy New Year. BTG

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  11. Amy

    What a joyful gallery, Tobyo!

  12. vastlycurious.com

    These just ooze joy !!!!

  13. Toby, that is terrible news about the fire. I saw where at least one person was killed. Did they confirm it was a natural gas leak? I hope you and yours are all OK. BTG

    • are you talking about the explosion in Minneapolis on new year’s day? I haven’t been following the details. but I had my own gas leak here yesterday. I was thanking God that I forgot my badge for work as I had to go in the front door where our gas meter is, which I don’t usually do. and it smelled awful!! hubby called to report and they fixed it within 40 mins. Had I not forgotten my badge, who knows what might have happened??? But, the explosion you read about isn’t close to me. Very sad for the victims :( not a good way to start the year. thanks for your concern. I appreciate it!

    • oh, now that I look at the map. it is pretty close to where my daughter skates. cause likely to be gas leak but not confirmed yet.

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