My 2013 in photos

I had so much fun putting this together last year that I thought I would do it again.  So, not many words this time. Just a recap of my year in photos.


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27 responses to “My 2013 in photos

  1. The kitties are my favourite :) AND the Peanuts, of course!
    Keep going!

  2. Lovely gallery …. my favorite is “fall in roseville” and the kittens of course.

  3. Looks like it was a lovely year, Toby !

  4. Thanks Toby. I love the mother/ daughter one, but the Schroeder and Lucy statues bring me joy. Which song is he playing – something from Beethoven or the Charlie Brown Christmas songs? Have a wondrous 2014. I am so glad to have gotten to know from afar. Best wishes, BTG

  5. Barneysday

    Schroeder and Lucy, by far!!! Well done

  6. A stern cat in the basket grabbed me. This is a lovely way to tell a long story in a brief way. Thanks. I enjoyed this.

  7. Laurel Oberg

    Happy New Year Toby! (to John and Maggie too) I always enjoy your pictures.

  8. That yellow flowery thing is so striking

  9. Amy

    Wonderful retrospect! Thanks for sharing, Tobyo!

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