The boys – Fritz and Eddie

I’ve been meaning to create a post with photos of my darling boys.  At long last, here it is.  I hope you all enjoy it. I had fun putting it together. Click anywhere in the gallery to see larger photos.

Just a few words about my boys and cats in general….

Once upon a time, in a land, far, far away I met a boy who loved cats.  “What am I going to do?” I thought at the time. Give up on the boy, or go with the flow and hope I adjust to cats?  Because he certainly wasn’t going to budge, I could see that from the get-go. I was raised with dogs but cats had always liked me so maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. When we moved in together, naturally he wanted to get cats.  And I wanted a puppy…….so, we got both!  Goldi was our golden retriever, Gold Dust of the Sierras was her registered name.  She was wonder dog and a great friend.  Bert and Ernie, the kittens we adopted from the humane society, got their names quite by accident.  As we were rescuing them from the shelter we were asked what their names would be.  Well, we didn’t have much time to think about it so hubby just said “call them Bert and Ernie” and it stuck.  So, yes, we had three young pets at the same time.  It was fun!!  But I wonder if I’d do that again.

Since pets don’t last forever, over the years we had a couple more cats.  Clyde was a great friend too, very skittish and would never let Miss M touch him, but he was a sweetie and I loved him dearly.  We got Clyde after Bert died.  Eddie arrived after Ernie went on to cat heaven to join his pal Bert.  And Fritz came on the scene after Clyde passed on.  We did not get another dog and as you can see I have turned into a cat person.  They are such great companions and friends and I wouldn’t trade them for the world.


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14 responses to “The boys – Fritz and Eddie

  1. Wonderful gallery … I just love cat’s – and adore kittens … and puppies … and … and. I have very little photos of pets, I bet if I had any of my own, every post will be about them.

  2. Ah .. what lovely pictures of the boys you have. I especially like the one captioned “awe” and the one of Fritz in the basket.

    Pets have always enriched my life from childhood to the present time. I’m primarily a horse and dog person but I love all animals and they seem to appreciate me too. Currently I share my life with my hubby and three small rescued dogs but we have always had a variety of rescued pets including parrots and cats too.

    My hubby and I agree that our pets are such important members of our family that teach us many lessons if we aren’t too prideful to admit that. They are capable of unconditional love and we are too. The difference is that they consistently manifest it and if we are wise then we learn how to do the same from them.

    Best wishes for happy blogging in 2014!

    • what an insightful comment. and I never thought about it that way, that our furry family members can teach us things too. Indeed! thank you for stopping by and for this great comment. best wishes for happy blogging to you too!

      • When I was a child we lived in the bush not in cities. We relied on our horses and sled dogs for transportation in the winter and to keep predator watch over our stock, which next to wildlife were our source of food (no shopping malls). I could write an encyclopedia about our relationships with dogs, horses, livestock and wildlife and what we learned from them.

        Yes we had cats, who hunted rodents but as our relationship with cats was superficial we gave them to our city cousins and chose to get rodent hunting dogs instead. The Chihuahua pack and Terriers were far better rodent hunters than cats were. Our stock fed us, our dogs protected us, they and our horses transported us where we need to go. They kept us alive and cats did nothing in that regard.

        Though I was brought up to respect all animals and I do love all of them, I admit the wide spread fixation on keeping cats, who slaughter songbrids for amusement sake to be troubling. I have neighbors who raise gorgeous Persian cats and they have a wire enclosed huge cattery outdoors with trees and ledges to climb on, etc. and it also has indoor access through a swing open door in a window. Now I think that’s the way to go keep cats and keep the songbirds too.

  3. If a picture is worth a thousand words, we have before us a 30,000-word story.
    I used to have one like your black cat. I love kitties too. Such characters and sometimes bad furry kids but ya gotta love ’em.

  4. Ooohh I love cats. (I love dogs too.) If ever I got a cat I’ll be sure to get TWO lol!

  5. Such lovely pics of your furry friends. :)

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