Walker Art Center, Minneapolis

Every first Saturday of the month is “free first Saturday” at the Walker so we took advantage and traveled across the river to Minneapolis today.  When we first arrived in Minnesota and before we started working, we did some touristy things and that was the last time I was inside this museum.  That was 1992 so the time was past due to pay another visit.  We opted to skip the outdoor Sculpture Garden.  Perhaps you’ve seen the famous spoon and cherry sculpture?  The Walker is across the street from the sculpture garden.


Of course this is not what it looked like today.  I took the above photo in 2007 when we last visited the sculpture garden.  Although today’s temp was amenable to viewing the sculptures, we didn’t feel like tromping through the snow.

We parked in their underground lot and that was new to us as we’ve always found parking on the street.  If you can manage to get in and out in an hour it’s only $2.  And that’s about as long as the three of us lasted.  Art is something to be viewed in small doses. At least for me and my art viewing companions today.  It becomes sensory overload after that.  It was all three of us today and what a treat.  Hubby and I were talking about it and it piqued Miss M’s interest so she joined us.  Please enjoy my photo display of our small peek into this fine museum.

I guess these are sculptures? I’m not quite sure.  But here are Portable Keeper_Agassi,  Keeper_Squall and Portable Keeper_Bridal Born by Minouk Lim:

I really liked this piece of art and how the shadows are displayed on the wall:

Hubby and daughter were fascinated with this room.  Four tables with three turntables each and all turntables were playing records? Yowsa. It was a bit much for me so I went on ahead. I must have gone back three times and they were still in that room! I don’t recall the exhibit’s name but it was all from the 60s.  Hubby and Miss M changed one of the LPs in favor of Petula Clark.

It’s interesting what is considered art:

Museum scenes:

Another interesting room.  Included is a photo of the placard on the wall by an artist that goes along with the theme of the art displayed here.  There many of these notes by artists in several places:

Another artist’s curious piece that made Miss M sad:

I saved my favorite for the end: Ben’s Window.  Included is the placard that describes it.  Basically, the artist lived in a display window of a gallery in London for 15 days and became a work of art.  He also labeled everything.  Perhaps he got too bored?  There were some funny notes including “stop looking, you are too curious” and “the human sculpture needs sleep. Don’t wake me before 10”.

We barely scratched the surface as I mentioned, our brains were full so it was time to go.  We all decided we needed to go back to view the galleries that we didn’t get to.  If you’re in Minneapolis and enjoy modern art, do visit the Walker.  I have a hunch you’ll enjoy it.


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14 responses to “Walker Art Center, Minneapolis

  1. You just have no idea what you’ll find, do you, Tobyo? Some pieces resonate and others just have you scratching your head. Poor violin, and I could NOT live in a window! But then, I’m no artist :) I agree- the shadows and sculptures win. I’ll come along next time and see what else we can find. :) Thanks for the nudge!

  2. Nice tour of the museum. Thanks for sharing. I suffer overload more quickly these days, but it’s nice to enjoy in small portions. You have the right idea. The violin also makes me sad. Some art I just do not understand, but I might like the shape or color.
    Have a good rest of the weekend?

  3. Toby, very cool. We should all do touristy things in our own city. When the kids were little, we would get one of the Welcome Center tourist magazines and circle day trips on town and within 90 minutes drive and go do them. It is not ironic that people live in a city with venues they rarely if ever frequent. You are a trend setter. BTG

    • ha ha, a trend setter! okay :) But perhaps you’re right that not too many people visit the attractions in their own towns. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Barneysday

    Great descriptions and photos. I always love visiting museums, and have to admit I’m the one that likely has to be dragged on to the next room or told its time to go and forced out the door. Thanks for sharing this.

  5. Amy

    Thank you for the wonderful tour of this art center!

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