Weekly Photo Challenge – Serenity

A few photos for this week’s challenge.

Serenity to me is water that is so still you can see the trees and clouds reflected in it:

Or a beautiful sunset on the lake:

Or the serenity I feel after a fresh snowfall:

Or a cat, utterly relaxed:

Fritz utterly relaxed


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18 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – Serenity

  1. Marvelous choices for the challenge, Toby. I feel serenity as I examine every single one of these fabulous photos. :-)

  2. Dogs (and cats) do love to wallow in the covers where their caretakers slept.

  3. Love your gallery – fantastic entry.

  4. Gorgeous! Especially the last one :)

  5. They are all beautiful pictures and very serene too!

  6. Beautiful images for the challenge, Toby. Love the relaxed cat. What a life! :)

  7. Beautiful scenes Toby. I particularly love the first one!

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