Weekly Photo Challenge – Express Yourself

I might have to contain my excitement with this week’s theme as I have many photos that fit.  How’s that for expressing myself huh?

The first one that came to mind is this one of my first mother’s day.  Miss M sure had some attitude going here.  And you can tell how much I adore my little girl:

first mother's day 2000

Fritz, brand new. What a face!

Miss M drew this in the sand at Venice beach CA to express how much she loved L.A.:

My brother-in-law snapped this one of my sister and me in Chicago last summer. I don’t recall what was funny but we sure were having fun!

nina,toby,laughing in Lombard IL

One last one of my boys anxiously awaiting Thanksgiving dinner:

please, can I have some turkey?

please, can I have some turkey?



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16 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – Express Yourself

  1. Good picture of you and sis. Doesn’t matter what made you laugh, as it probably one of many times of laughter. Thanks for sharing,

  2. Each and every one of these is a wonderful choice. It’s heartwarming to see you laughing and enjoying yourself. Miss M is a doll and your kitties are sweet. I want to get another cat. Sigh.

  3. Lucky you! So much to smile about :-)

  4. Barneysday

    First Mother’s Day. A moment you’ll never forget. Thanks for sharing

  5. vastlycurious.com

    Such a happy post! It made me smile too and a new kitty! =^.^=

  6. That last one is priceless, Tobyo! :)

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