Weekly Photo Challenge – Ephemeral

How about a bouquet of flowers?  They are so beautiful but their beauty only lasts a short time. This particular bouquet was given to me by my hubby for our 24th anniversary.  He gave them to me two days prior to the actual anniversary as I was leaving town two days afterwards.  Funny thing about this particular vase of flowers: he never tossed them out while I was gone for ten days!  Perhaps he left them there to remind him of me? That would be a nice sentiment wouldn’t it?  I’ll just hold onto that thought then :-)

Please click the link to view more fun entries for this week’s challenge or to enter yourself.  Enjoy!!



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16 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – Ephemeral

  1. And Happy Anniversary to you!!

  2. May be he didn’t notice when they got past their best. That’s the sort of husband we all need. :D

  3. 365dniwobiektywielg

    On what occasion they gerberas?

  4. I think he’s probably a sweetheart! :) Why else would you spend 24 years with him?

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  6. 24 years of happiness. Beautiful, beautiful. :D

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