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Weekly travel theme: Red

I absolutely love the color red.  And I sure had fun searching through my pics for this one!  I also tried the gallery for the first time, I kinda like it. Thanks to The Wanderlust Gene for the inspiration. Do check out the photos there, they’re fabulous! The travel theme this week comes from Ailsa at where’s my backpack.  Click the link to see more great entries.

I hope you enjoy my selection.  If you click on a photo below, a new window opens and you’re able to view all of them a bit larger than you see them here.


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Sunday Post – Reflection

Jakesprinter’s Sunday Post theme this week is Reflection. Click the link to see other entries or to enter yourself.

I immediately thought of the lake where we spend time each summer.  I took a series of reflection photos recently when the lake was still.  The first two are the actual tree and then its reflection in the water. The last one was another day years ago that the lake was very still.


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Travel theme: Silhouette

Here’s my favorite girl on the dock just after sunset at the lake:


Don Quijote y Sancho Panza at Taberna Guzmán, Córdoba, Spain:


The travel themes are from Where’s my backpack.  Check out the other entries there, fun!!


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Sunset – 11th Crow Wing Lake, Akeley, Minnesota

A near perfect weekend at the cabin in the woods in northern Minnesota.  It was made less perfect by yet another horrible drive out of town Friday afternoon.  I wrote about our first trip of the year to our cabin recently and we had hoped to avoid the traffic jam of last trip by taking a different route. Ah but the best laid plans of mice and men….a theme that comes up over and over in my life.  What normally takes just over three hours took nearly 4 1/2 hours to start off our nearly perfect weekend. So, that really was the worst of it unless you count the rain we woke up to Saturday morning. I kept saying it would clear up and it would be a nice day. Thankfully, I was correct!

We arrived exhausted from our long car ride but we decided the pain was worth it once we settled in, had some supper and then sat by the campfire watching the most gorgeous sunset.  We were rewarded in other ways as well during the weekend.  We got to see and hear much wildlife such as bats and fireflies Friday night.  While at our campfire Saturday night we saw two great blue herons duking it out over territory, or we presumed as much.  I spotted an eagle flying along the shore and then moments later, that same eagle flew right overhead with something in its claws and two smaller birds close on its heels squawking something fierce. We assumed that the eagle probably grabbed one of those birds’ family members :(  On our way to breakfast we witnessed a mother turkey with three (or four?) baby turkeys just walking along the road!  On our return trip the turkeys had left.  One last wildlife sighting happened just outside of town on our way home, a deer and two youngsters leaping across the road! I had to brake in case there were more.  I wish I could have gotten their pictures.  Instead here are some pics of the fabulous sunset we enjoyed Friday night.









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We were up at the cabin this weekend and I got some cool shots of trees’ reflections in the lake.


Here’s an actual tree:


Here are two different reflections, one with part of the bottom of the tree in the pic and one without any of the tree (just its reflection) in the pic:



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Sunsets – 11th Crow Wing Lake, Akeley, MN

Over the years I have taken some nice sunset pictures at the family cabin in northern Minnesota.  Below are some of those from 2005 thru 2011.

father and daughter

the bigglies


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