Weekly Photo Challenge – Beyond

Oh boy, another photo challenge!  I have a few to share for this challenge.  To see more entries click here.

Look beyond the spoon and cherry at the Walker Sculpture garden to see a bit of downtown Minneapolis and the Basilica of St. Mary:

Look beyond in the distance to see a bit of the Badlands in South Dakota:

And look beyond the trees and rocks to find Mt. Rushmore:


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12 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – Beyond

  1. been to all these areas and didn’t see them from these angles. I am so sorry we missed that spoon thing in MN!! Reckon we didn’t go far enough away from St Paul. :-)

    • Yes, you had to cross the mighty Mississippi to see the famous spoon and cherry. It’s one of my favorite things to do here in the twin cities. And I was reminded when I saw this photo that the last time I went there was over 6 years ago! Must. Go. This. Year. It’s in a very cool sculpture garden. A must for any visit to Minneapolis. Thanks for your comments!

  2. Great pics, Tobyo. Loved Mt Rushmore. :)

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  5. Zen

    Wow, I love that spoon and cherry.. :) But there is also that interesting dome tower at the background.. :D

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  7. that spoon is cool Tobyo…very cool indeed

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