Weekly Photo Challenge – Spring

Some of my favorite spring photos from the past:

Spring in Málaga, Spain:


More spring photos from my garden:

Click here if you’d like to enter or to see more images for this challenge.


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15 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge – Spring

  1. Sigh. I’m so jealous. Can’t wait to see our flowers popping up their little heads if the sun decides to cooperate. :-)

    • heh, I cheated and used previous year photos. I know what you mean. we have sun right now but that can change at any moment. had a week of rain and some of it came into our basement….

      I do have some things blooming but don’t have many photos just yet. I hope it warms up for both of us! thanks for stopping by :)

      • Sorry to hear about the rain coming into your basement.

      • thanks. only one rug damaged (possibly destroyed, haven’t looked at it yet….it’s in the garage at the moment), one wet vacuumed and I do think that one will be okay. and one more we rolled back and it’s safe!! we have had more damage in the past so we are counting our blessings!!

  2. Amy

    A beautiful array of spring flowers!

  3. Love the orange flora. What is that?

  4. Yikes. Beautiful plants do cause ugly illnesses. They must be mad for our “paving paradise and putting up a parking lot.”

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